Its terrible and know one really knows the full extent to which its happening, i mean these people kill their own offspring, half the time in a foriegn country, so they wouldnt report them missing would they, so how many of these crimes have gone unnoticed?? its scary.
To my surprise, there are attempts made to chronicle these
events, such as the murder of female infants and the ritual
burning of wives after their husbands' deaths. They seem, in
other cultures, to chronicle these practices the way we
chronicle circumcisions.

One night in Canada I was watching the Indian news (in English)
and the anchor reported, matter-of-factly, that the reported
cases of suttee had dropped 2% over the previous year.

Suttee is ritual wife burning. The husband dies and the wife
is thrown/throws herself onto the funeral pyre, burning to death
while still alive. The practice is described in alarming detail
on Wiki.