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Thread: Man sentenced for running pedophile brothel

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    Quote Originally Posted by bellini View Post
    I wonder if pedophiles realize this and live in fear of prison? I think I'd probably just kill myself if I was in his shoes.
    Quote Originally Posted by BITTER View Post
    They know. Many of them ask for protection or to be put in isolation.
    Quote Originally Posted by bellini View Post
    Do they usually get that though? I hope pedophiles get no special privileges.

    I saw a documentary about the child sex trade in Thailand. It was amazing to hear how many businessmen go over there for child sex, then come home to their completely unsuspecting families. They filmed one old white guy with his arm around this little boy. When he saw them filming him, he went ballistic. Some of these kids are sold by their own families. Others kidnapped. Very sad situation.
    Quote Originally Posted by BITTER View Post
    Usually not. They suffer pretty bad, and are usually raped themselves. You may not know The Sylvers, but they were a popular R&B/pop group in the 70s - rivals to the Jacksons. They fell on rough times in the 80s and 90s. One of the brothers supposedly forced sex upon an underaged girl and was sent to jail for it. Allegedly, he now shits out of a bag.

    When my ship stopped in Pattaya Beach, we went to the brothels. We were almost ALWAYS asked if we preferred girls to boys. Pre-teen/teenaged boys bring a pretty penny to a brothel over there. And the biggest-paying clients are European men, followed by Americans and Canadians.
    Quote Originally Posted by celeb_2006 View Post
    I don't know, usually pedophiles get sent to protective custody I believe. It also depends on the state/institution they get sent to, some are more harsher on pedophiles, others, not as harsh. Just from what I read on other sites it can go either way but to me it seems like this notion that a pedophile gets sent to any prison and automatically gets a death sentence seems overblown, generally speaking.

    Two words: Administrative Segregation.

    But there are other guys there in Ad Seg who are not pedo's-like snitches, ex-gang members, etc. etc. who might be 'at high risk' in the general population So hopefully someone will sink a nice homemade knife into him a couple hundred times or so. Or set him on fire. Either one will do nicely I think.

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    Hopefully this low-life scum gets arse raped everyday before getting a shiv.
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