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Thread: Last Video of NYC Jogger Moments Before Murder

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    “Rape is one of the most terrible crimes on earth and it happens every few minutes. The problem with groups who deal with rape is that they try to educate women about how to defend themselves. What really needs to be done is teaching men not to rape. Go to the source and start there." Kurt cobain

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    I'm very sorry to hear that any of you were sexually assaulted. Please know that there is nothing that you did to provoke your attacker. NOTHING. It doesn't matter how we look, or what we're wearing, or where we are, it's never a woman's fault that a man decides that he's going to rape her. Never.

    Women in the middle east get raped wearing a burka. Old women in flannel nightgowns get raped in bed in the dead of night. Children get sexually assaulted wearing footie pajamas and diapers. Nuns get raped. It doesn't matter.

    I live in the land of "endless summer". Women and men go to the beach pretty much all year. What is the woman at the beach to do? What of she goes to the restroom and some pervert follows her? Is she to blame for wearing a bikini on the beach? Or should she have covered up, just in case?

    If the sight of breasts in a tight shirt makes a man want to sexually assault a woman, there is something wrong with him. I refuse to raise my daughter to think otherwise.

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    Quote Originally Posted by Witchywoman View Post
    A ponytail is a quick way to be taken down,
    This ponytail fixation is BS. It was part of some stupid internet chain letter that started about 20 years ago and has absolutely no basis in reality. A ponytail makes no more a better handle than loose hair, short hair, clothing or a limb.

    Quote Originally Posted by Witchywoman View Post
    My breasts are fine with or without a sports bra.
    I don't give a damn about your breasts. You are the one who said this:

    "If you want to go out with your breasts a bouncing, your nipples reaching for the sky with your buns showing, well that's what hookers do to attract johns. Give it some thought."

    This woman was not a hooker. She was not trying to attract sexual attention. She was jogging in appropriate jogging apparel.

    You want to know why she was grabbed? It wasn't because of how she dressed or did her hair. She was grabbed because a bad guy wanted to and saw an opportunity. He wanted to. He found someone he could isolate and overpower. That's it.
    "If you are not outraged, then you are not paying attention," Heather Heyer's facebook quote.

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    I just can't with this type of thinking. Fuck right off with the internalized misogyny.
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    It's no longer a dog whistle, it's a fucking trombone

    All of God's children are not beautiful. Most of God's children are, in fact, barely presentable.

    If I wanted the government in my womb I'd fuck a Senator

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    i was mugged once.

    i was walking across the street from where i parked my car, i was going to my apartment. i was wearing a coat over a sweater, with jeans. nothing was tight. i had long hair, i have no idea whether or not it was pulled back. my attacker leaped out from behind a bush and jumped me. he grabbed on to my book bag. i guess i shouldn't have been carrying one. *shrugs* i was a graduate student who returned from studying in the library.

    whatever i was wearing didn't matter. the freak was in the shrubs and was gonna jump whoever was walking by.

    the one good thing about what i was wearing is that no one is going to criticize me for it. and of course, when i do tell people i was mugged, the first thing they ask is

    1) why i was out at night
    2) what i was wearing
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    Quote Originally Posted by Witchywoman View Post
    This can happen to anyone at anytime wearing anything
    Fixed it for you.

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    This was a violent, vicious murder. Whoever brutalized this woman needs to be found a.s.a.p.
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    NYC jogger killing: Suspect charged over Karina Vetrano death

    Police in New York City say DNA samples found on the body of a female jogger led them to the suspect in her killing.

    Karina Vetrano, 30, was killed while running out alone near her home in Queens in August last year. Investigators were unable to find even close matches on DNA found under Ms Vetrano's fingernails, thought to have been obtained as she fought back.

    But a review of 911 calls made that night led police to Chanel Lewis, 20, whose DNA they say is a match.

    "You've got to remember Karina helped us identify this person," Robert Boyce, New York's chief of detectives, said.

    "She had the DNA under her nails. She had touch DNA on her back and there was more DNA on her cellphone. That's how we were able to bring this profile up. And that's how we made the link."

    The speech therapist was jogging alone when she was sexually assaulted and strangled. Her father normally ran with her but was injured that day. He later found her body in marshland.

    Police said on Sunday that the new lead came after they listened back to 911 calls from the area near where the body was found.

    In one, a member of the public identified a man acting suspiciously. Chanel Lewis was arrested on Wednesday, and a DNA sample was taken.

    Mr Lewis is expected to appear in court late on Sunday. His family told media in New York that he was a "humble" man who had wanted to work in social care.

    Chanel Lewis admits to killing Queens jogger Karina Vetrano in rage-filled attack; police say he had hatred for women

    She wasn’t being stalked or targeted. It was just that jogger Karina Vetrano was a woman, and the man accused of killing her hated women.
    Chanel Lewis was filled with lethal rage when he grabbed Vetrano as she went for a summer evening run in Queens, according to authorities. He raped her and strangled the petite runner, they said, and left her body in weeds.

    And then he vanished for six months.

    Detectives had little to work with to find the man who crossed Vetrano’s path. She scratched him and captured some of his DNA, but he had no record so no match could be made. The randomness of the attack added to the difficulty of solving the crime. It took months of searching the area and records, a cop’s suspicions, to finally land Lewis.

    When they did, one source said, the East New York man cracked.
    “He was pretty forthcoming once he was in custody,” a law enforcement source told the Daily News about Lewis, 20.
    Detectives escort Chanel Lewis, 20, from the NYPD's 107th Precinct on Sunday in Queens.

    “He gave a detailed incriminating account of what happened — but he doesn’t really explain why it happened. It was a very random thing. He just came up on her and acted out. There wasn’t any conversation. It was a chance encounter. There was no reason to believe he was stalking her. He just happened to come up on her.”
    Hours after Lewis was arrested Saturday evening outside his home in East New York, a profile began to emerge of one of the most wanted and unsuspecting men in the city.

    Lewis had been in a little trouble with the law, receiving several summonses in Howard Beach not far from the crime scene.

    But there was nothing that left a likely suspect trail, or screamed out rapist. Or murderer.
    “He doesn’t have a criminal record,” a source said. “But he’s had previous incidents in which he has expressed a hatred for women. He’s thought of hurting women or attacking women. He’s expressed a deep-seated aggression towards women. But it was nothing he’s ever acted on.”

    Until Aug. 2, officials said.

    That was the night the 30-year-old Vetrano disappeared after leaving for a jog through Spring Creek Park near her Howard Beach home.
    Her father, Phil Vetrano, found her lifeless body face down amid towering weeds about 15 feet off the desolate path while helping police search for her.

    The heartbroken dad said he always reasoned the murder was a chance encounter.

    “We kind of knew that,” Vetrano said. “It was impossible for anyone to follow her in there. It had to be a random, wrong place, at the wrong time. She was unlucky that day.”

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    Thanks for the update. Glad they got the bastard.
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    I have to congratulate the investigators here, to solve something this random with no witnesses or tape is near impossible.
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    Quote Originally Posted by greysfang View Post
    I have to congratulate the investigators here, to solve something this random with no witnesses or tape is near impossible.
    The NYPD worked the case hard and quietly. He was initially interviewed because he received summonses on the Brooklyn side of the park. He also willingly gave up his DNA at the time. Took several weeks for the hit to come back.

    Reports are he's developmentally disabled. I'm sure his defense will bring it up

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    Cop’s Hunch Helped Crack a Jogger’s 6-Month-Old Slaying, Source Says: ‘He Put Two and Two Together’

    DNA led to the arrest of Karina Vetrano’s suspected killer, six months after her battered body was found in a New York City park in a seemingly random killing. But a police source tells PEOPLE it was a neighborhood investigator’s hunch that really broke the case open earlier this year.

    According to the source, who has knowledge of the investigation, N.Y.C. police Lt. John Russo played an instrumental role in capturing 20-year-old Chanel Lewis. He was arrested Saturday and is charged with Vetrano’s murder and sexual assault.

    Russo, an observant cop with a sharp memory, lives in the same Queens neighborhood as Vetrano and her parents, the source explains. In May, he “remembered seeing some guy skulking around his neighborhood; [the guy] was sort of looking into cars and over fences,” the source says. “That was three months before the murder.”

    Russo called 911 about the suspicious figure, but the man was gone by the time officers arrived, the source says. The next morning, Russo spotted the man again. This time, police were able to question him and to file a record of their encounter.

    What’s more, a 911 caller identified Lewis by name in a call in May, saying he looked as if he was breaking into a Howard Beach home with a crowbar, ABC News reports, citing police sources.

    Lt. Russo alleges it was Lewis that he saw around the area in Queens, a source tells PEOPLE.

    Two weeks ago — months later into the investigation and with the case still on his mind — Russo turned again to Lewis’ alleged activity last year, the police source says.

    “He put two and two together,” the source says, and investigators began reviewing records to discover that Lewis had been issued several summonses near the scene of Vetrano’s death — one just days before the August slaying.

    Russo “was spending a lot of time every single day trying to figure out what was missing,” one source reportedly said. “It occurred to him that [Lewis] was someone they should look at.”

    Police tracked him to his mother’s house in Brooklyn last week. On Thursday, Lewis gave investigators a DNA sample, which was matched on Saturday to a sample recovered from Vetrano’s body, leading to his arrest.

    Lewis has yet to enter a plea to his charges and he remains held without bail. Lewis’ parents were unavailable for comment, but the Legal Aid Society, which is representing him, urged fairness for their client as they sort through the information.

    “We have a full defense team working on this case, including our DNA unit dedicated to scrutinizing the evidence collected by local authorities,” the society’s chief defender said in a statement. “We are spending this critical time getting to know our client and his family, and reviewing all the facts associated with this case.

    “We caution everyone — including the media — not to rush to immediate judgment. As our judicial system affords, Mr. Lewis is entitled to fairness and due process.”

    Motive: A Hatred of Women?

    Lewis is a professed misogynist who once threatened to attack several female students at his high school with a knife, police sources allege to PEOPLE.

    Lewis allegedly told investigators he “hates [women],” but detectives still have no idea where the suspected killer’s apparent contempt comes from, one source claims. (A second police source confirms this account.)

    Police say Lewis admitted to Vetrano’s Aug. 2, 2016, killing, the first source claims. Authorities say that though he has denied he sexually assaulted Vetrano, Lewis told police he couldn’t stop himself from attacking the 30-year-old as she was jogging.

    Her body was found by her father in a Queens park, about a dozen feet from a trail she used daily. She had been sexually assaulted and strangled to death. Investigators said she “put up a ferocious fight” before her death, capturing crucial DNA of her killer.

    • Pick up PEOPLE’s special edition True Crime Stories: Cases That Shocked America, on sale now, for the latest on Casey Anthony, JonBenét Ramsey and more.

    “His parents are not being cooperative, and he has copped to it,” the police source explains of Lewis. One detective involved in the investigation characterized him as a “lady hater” — at odds with the reaction of Lewis’ father, who described his son as a “humble” man who had excelled in school.

    Police confirm that Saturday was Lewis’ first arrest. But the source alleges that he generated at least one 911 call while he was a high school student.

    Several years ago, according to the source, administrators at Lewis’ Rockaway Park high school contacted police after Lewis allegedly ranted about his disgust for the opposite sex and threatened to bring a knife to school to maim a number of female students.

    Lewis was not arrested for that threat, but officers still documented the incident, according to the source, who claims that in recent years Lewis has made similar threats and sentiments — though without charges.

    During his arraignment on Sunday, Lewis was reportedly confronted by Vetrano’s parents: Her mother called him a “demon.” But Lewis’ father, speaking to reporters after his son was arrested, said his son was peaceful.

    “Chanel would never have gone to do what they say he has done,” his father said. “He’s never had a fight in his 20 years.”

    Jogger Karina Vetrano's Murder Suspect Seen in Her Neighborhood
    can't post pics because my computer's broken and i'm stupid

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    I read on websleuths that he'd been diagnosed as a paranoid schizophrenic. I wouldn't be surprised if that was true.

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    what a disturbing case, her poor parents. So glad the cops caught him.

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    Bittersweet news. Glad he's behind bars now.

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