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Thread: Last Video of NYC Jogger Moments Before Murder

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    Quote Originally Posted by kasippu View Post
    Nooooo, poor man! to find your daughter like that.
    It's hard to process - I almost think I would kill myself on the spot if I had been in that situation.

    I'm already a believer in capital punishment, but a guy who would attack and break out a woman's teeth and THEN sexually assault her. And then kill her. I would have him tied to the pavement and have a steam roller go over him, feet first, at about half a mile an hour. And revive him ever couple of minutes in case he passed out.
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    The other video was taken down but this one is a bit more in depth. I didn't realize how remote the path was she was jogging on. She was found at the bottom turn on the right, closest to the water and that clump of trees. I can see why they're having trouble getting witnesses. I just hope all this publicity helps them to find the murderer.

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    My heart breaks for the family. The video is a perfect example of what not to do. I've taken 2 self defense classes, as a young woman she did not take any precautions. It's so sad the father was unable to jog with her that morning, without him she should have taken a public route. We all should consider our safety when we go anywhere nowadays, it's a shame but it's reality. The ponytail, the ear pods, the usual jogging trail and the outfit were all unfortunate choices. In no way am I blaming her, Im just stating facts, it can be a very ugly world and we have to think twice before we interact with it. The classes I took really opened my eyes to everything women do and if the wrong person is watching it could cost us our lives. Just hiking with my dogs I take a club, but weapons are useless if it's a surprise dogs are smart but they are only Shelties and can't do much for themselves let alone me. Old women have to be careful as well and not be foolish and we have to teach our children how to stay safe.
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    This makes me sick. All these assholes who think they can just wipe a woman's life out.

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