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Thread: John Hinckley Jr - President Reagan's Shooter Released

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    I read another article that his age is 63. Either way, his parents are certainly elderly. Several of the conditions of his release depend on his parents. What happens when they inevitably pass on? Will he be reinstitutionalized? I was amazed when they started letting him out for day trips decades ago and I'm even more amazed that he now has his relative freedom. He tried (and nearly succeeded) to kill a sitting POTUS and severely injured others in the attempt. When James Brady (I was a little girl when this happened, but I saw the news ... I will never forget James Brady twitching on the ground from his head shot, even more so than Reagan's realization he was actually hit) finally passed years ago, his death certificate listed the cause as homicide. Why wasn't he retried for that murder? This just doesn't seem like justice.

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    According to wiki, he is 61, dob May 29, 1955. Two older siblings, a sister and a brother. Father is deceased. I heard a tv report that his mother is 91. I was thinking she had to be in her 80's, but 91? That's pretty scary. No way should someone of that age be expected to take this on.
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    Yeah, I'd be pretty pissed if I had to babysit a 61 year old in my twilight years. I guess it's different when it's your own kid, but jeez.

    I get that this is the way the law works, but I kind of feel like shooting the president should get you put in a small cell forever, batshit crazy or not.

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    i know a majority of people aren't too pleased with the current presidential nominees but this is extreme...
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    Quote Originally Posted by Trixie View Post
    If the treating mental health professionals have deemed that he's no longer "a threat to himself or others" I think they might have no choice but to release him. But I have to wonder what has changed re his mental status--he's been institutionalized for 35 years now. That's a long time to receive treatment in hopes of recovery.

    He is 61 years old now, so his mother has to be quite elderly. Quite a lot for her to take on at this point. It seems like the authorities will be monitoring him closely. At least I hope so.

    He's been deemed stable since the late 80s. Which is why in the 90s he began petitioning for visits home.

    She's 91 and there's concern about the family's finances and the ability to continue his treatment and other associated costs.

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