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Thread: Grisly details surrounding Canadian greyhound bus beheading released.. blehhh..

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    in north carolina for the next 2 years >.<


    He was just hungry, gawd!

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    Quote Originally Posted by sputnik View Post
    he's clearly insane. i know the victim's family are beyond upset right now but they really shouldn't be looking at it as 'getting away with murder'. some people really are crazy.
    I agree with you, but if someone is this criminally insane they should be locked up inside a mental institution for the duration of their days. I agree they shouldn't be in a prison ward among the general population, they should have mental help. But insane or not, letting someone out of a mental institution once they are somehow deemed "better" is like getting away with murder, imo. Thats why people have a problem with it, I think. I don't trust a mental health review board to tell me someone is magically cured.
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