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Thread: Good Day NY Host Greg Kelly Accused of Sexual Assault!!

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    Quote Originally Posted by Dean James View Post
    Nooooooo, I hope this isn't true because he creates gold for The Soup.
    yeah same here

    I love the clips on The Soup
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    My fellow 1982 Scorpion! Never occurred to me that penises go into ears until your twitpics
    @Sexy_Seth_1982 awe sexy! You're just too cute to be true- I can't take my eyes off of you-

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    Default The Woman Who Accused News Anchor Greg Kelly of Rape Claims He Got Her Pregnant

    A day after we learned that Greg Kelly, co-host of Fox 5's Good Day New York and the son of New York City Police Commissioner Ray Kelly, had been accused of rape, new details are emerging about the alleged attack and its aftermath. Yesterday, we found out that Kelly met the his accuser on the street, and, after going out drinking, the pair ended up in her office at a downtown law firm where she says the incident occurred. Today we learned that the woman told police that she was "virtually passed out" when Kelly allegedly assaulted her. She also claims she became pregnant as a result of the rape and chose to end the pregnancy.

    The woman, who's in her late 20s, says she called Kelly at some point after the attack to ask, "What did you do to me?" A friend of hers says she has been "an emotional cripple" since the alleged assault. The friend also said the woman's boyfriend picked her up after the attack occurred and described her as distraught.

    For his part, Greg Kelly's attorneys have said he "strenuously denies any wrongdoing," and they claim to have texts that Kelly and the woman exchanged which they say will "undermine suggestions the encounter was anything but consensual." Kelly did not appear on this morning's broadcast of Good Day New York. Fox 5 said that Kelly "requested some time off." The district attorney's office is still investigating the matter, and Kelly has not yet been charged with any crime.

    In an incredibly weird coincidence, Cy Vance, the District Attorney who is in charge of investigating the accusations against Kelly, appeared on Good Day New York on Monday, the day before Kelly's accuser came forward. In the interview, the conversation turned to the Dominique Strauss-Kahn case (skip to the 4:21 mark to hear it), and here's part what Kelly asked Vance:
    Ms. Diallo, was she treated fairly by your office? Newsweek had a story and it seemed like she was undergoing a great deal of questioning, some have raised a concern that perhaps if she were a more prominent citizen, member of the community, she would not have been subjected to that kind of interrogation.
    Vance responded by saying, "I believe that's a misimpression and incorrect assessment of the case. I think we look at every case carefully." What incredibly bizarre timing, and now Kelly will find out first-hand how the DA's office handles its cases.

    The Woman Who Accused News Anchor Greg Kelly of Rape Claims He Got Her Pregnant
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    The Woman Who Accused Greg Kelly of Rape Continued to Text With Him After the Alleged Attack

    Over the weekend, new details have come out about the interactions between news anchor Greg Kelly and the woman who accused him of rape last week—and the plot has certainly thickened. First, it's becoming more clear what happened the night of the alleged assault. It was initially reported that Kelly, who co-hosts Fox 5's Good Day New York, had met the woman the same night she claims the attack happened, but, in fact, they met two days prior when she recognized him from TV on the street. What followed were two days of sexually explicit text messages. An unnamed source described the interaction to the New York Post as "two days of foreplay."

    After sexting, they met for drinks at a downtown bar, where they rang up a tab that Greg's father, NYC police commissioner Ray Kelly, privately called "laughably low," which could be used to refute her claims that she was so drunk she was incapacitated when Kelly had sex with her. From the bar, they proceeded to her office at the law firm where she works as a paralegal. The sex reportedly took place in her boss's office.

    After the two parted company, they are said to have exchanged further texts in which the woman did not sound at all upset about their interaction—in fact, they talked about arranging another date. A source suggests to the Post, that the only reason the accuser ever reported anything to police (which she did three months after the assault allegedly took place) was because her boyfriend became aware that she'd cheated on him and became upset: "Everybody [the woman and Kelly] was a happy camper until the boyfriend found out."

    Also, oddly, this case's connections to the police department continue to grow, it turns out the alleged victim's brother is a sergeant assigned to the NYPD's crime-scene unit. Meanwhile, the DA's office continues to conduct a careful investigation, though a source said they do not view her claims as credible, "It looks like they're going to just kick it around until it's absolutely dead . . . It's ‘he said, she said.'" We'll have to wait and see the end result, but as of today the investigation is ongoing and no charges have been filed. There's also no word on whether Greg Kelly intends to appear on-air tomorrow. He's been out of public sight since the news of the accusation became public on Thursday.

    The Woman Who Accused Greg Kelly of Rape Continued to Text With Him After the Alleged Attack
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    I'm glad he was cleared.

    WNYW Anchor Greg Kelly Cleared of Rape Charges
    By Jerry Barmash on February 7, 2012 10:07 PM
    Greg Kelly, the WNYW/Channel 5 Good Day New York co-anchor, and son of NYPD commissioner Ray Kelly, has been cleared of rape by the Manhattan District Attorney’s office.
    Kelly said in a statement, “I am thankful that the investigation established what I’ve known all along, that I am innocent of the allegations that were waged against me.”
    Kelly’s attorney Andrew Lankler met with Martha Bashford, the chief sex crimes prosecutor for Manhattan D.A. Cyrus Vance Jr. The allegations against Kelly, it was determined, did not meet the grounds for criminal prosecution.
    Kelly has been absent from his Good Day post since the allegations first surfaced two weeks ago. A paralegal, reportedly between 28 and 30 years old, accused Kelly of rape after meeting for drinks at a South Street Seaport bar in October.
    But with evidence that included text messages, bar receipts, and telephone records, Bashford concluded a crime never occured.
    Helping clear Kelly’s name, the woman sent several flirtatious texts to Kelly, before and after the encounter.
    A grateful Kelly, thanked colleague Rosanna Scotto, who never wavered in her support for Kelly.
    “I will always remember her kindness, and I look forward to soon resuming my post on Good Day New York next to her,” Kelly said.
    “I am so blessed to have a wonderful family and friends whose support for me never wavered,” he said.
    The accuser claimed to have gotten pregnant from the rendezvous with Kelly and, reportedly, had an abortion.
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