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Thread: Gabby Petito

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    Quote Originally Posted by dolem View Post
    I think he killed her, hid the body, freaked out and went home. He told his parents and they lawyered up asap and gave him a head start. But, I think he knew that it was going to be prison time for him and he then killed himself. But, apparently the parents were helping authorities so maybe they won't get in as much trouble?

    This has been my theory the entire time, well I don't even think he really tried to hide the body but I definitely think he ran home and told his parents a good bit of information before taking off. I knew they'd never find him alive (though I did like naysaying the idiots on YouTube who seem to think people can't survive off grid for more than 7 days).

    In the very beginning my husband and I thought that maybe they could've gotten into trouble with drugs or something and pissed off the wrong people and he ran home for protection but I'm definitely not in that camp anymore, he was a POS coward and my heart breaks for Gabby and her family. I hope that they get some answers from his journal or maybe their storage unit they shared.
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    I have absolutely no problem with saying that I hope he had an accident or fell victim to natural conditions and suffered all the way.
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