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Thread: DNA Test On Pizza Crust Leads To Warrant For Suspect In Killing Of D.C. Family

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    Hope the piece of shit enjoyed that pizza. Should've eaten the crust, dumbass.

    Reminded me of a notorious murder in the Chicago area in the '90s, what they called the Brown's Chicken massacre. Two guys killed 7 employees for a measly $2k. It took about 10 years to solve, but the stupid criminals left some half-eaten chicken behind and DNA technology finally caught up with them.

    In this case, I saw a report saying the wife apparently texted an employee telling her NOT to show up at the house that day. So sad that no one picked up on what was happening, the housekeeper's husband, the employee, and whoever delivered the money.
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    If I'm the employee delivering $40K to my boss's house, I'm fucking suspicious that something ain't right. I'd rather call the cops and be wrong, than not call and have this happen. So sad.
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    i need to stay out of this thread, it is way too depressing ....

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    The Dominos pizza should also have been a clue. I doubt that crap ass shit is going to that neighborhood too much if ever.
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    Looks like they got the fucker!

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    I'm glad they got him. Just a sad story all around.
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