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Thread: Defense Says Elizabeth Smart Isnít That Damaged, Pushes For Lighter Sentence

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    Mitchell's lawyer argued that he should receive a lighter sentence because Smart is a "survivor" and hadn't suffered "extreme psychological injury."

    Her lawyer should join him in prison for making such an argument. Because Elizabeth Smart turned out to be a very big person, a person capable of moving on with her life rather than folding like a house of cards, somehow the crime is less horrible?

    Break it off in your ass, Mr. Mitchell.
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    Well, that would have set a fabulous precedent.

    "Your honor, the victim died, but left a good looking corpse. Hardly a mark on him. We therefore request a lighter sentence due to no bruising, holes or otherwise visible evidence of how my client took his life. Whaddaya say?"
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    I think Elizabeth Smart is so brave. Her statement was perfect and I'm glad she seems to be handling this the best she can with all the media can't be easy.
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