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Thread: DA: West Philadelphia abortion doctor killed 7 babies with scissors

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    These poor jurors. Almost a half a year of their lives taken up by this trial. They were given 250 counts to decide upon.
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    I read that he agreed to waive his right to appeal if they take the death penalty off the table. What a fucking coward, he didn't mind giving innocent babies the death penalty, did he?
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    Meh. I am pro-choice, and I see nothing wrong with what he did other than the facility being outrageously dirty. What is the difference between a first trimester and late-term abortion? Provided there are no medical mishaps or a miscarriage, the fetus will be born. So why should late-term abortions not be allowed? The women didn't want these children. Obviously. That is why they came in when they were eight months pregnant. Picking and choosing what trimester it is okay for a woman to have an abortion is ridiculous. It is her uterus. It is none of your business and not your problem.

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    And again fuck you troll. Mods this is Yasmine Khan returned.
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