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^^^Yeah, there was a guy seen leaning into the passenger side window of a car talking to a woman who later went missing and the sketch made from descriptions of the guy resembled Durst. The glasses in the sketch were similar to the ones Durst wore at the time.

It's flipped out that a woman claiming to be Kathy Durst called there and said she wasn't coming in cause she's sick. The DA suspected Kathy Durst was already dead or missing when that phone call was made and they think Susan Burman was the one who made that call for Durst. Around that same time, Durst had made two separate deposits into Susan Burman's bank account of $25,000 each. The DA was about to talk to Susan Burman but she was shot in the head a day or so before they got there. Susan was Durst's best friend but the thinking here is he killed her because he didn't wanna risk the DA getting any info out of her.
Odd thing about the phone call was the caller called the Dean of Students' office.

She was a 3rd student on her clerkships, she'd have called the service she was to let them know she'd be out.