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Thread: Ayla Reynolds - 20-month-old toddler kidnapped from home

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    Trista and her family say Justin did not comply with either requirement. She says she was "stonewalled" by DHHS.
    The goddamn warning signs were there. The child got a serious injury - the dad claims it was an accident and avoids responsibility not taking the badly injured baby to the hospital immediately. CPS doesn't enforce the prior agreement when Justin fails more than once to bring the baby to visit her mother. The mother did exactly what Child Protective Services TOLD her to do, and when Justin ignored the rules - more than once - CPS did sweet fuck all. Now the baby is probably dead... because CPS removed her from the aunt and then didn't react to Justin blithely ignored their instructions.

    I need to go to my happy place or I'm gonna have an aneurysm. Arseholes getting to be parents man, is a huge trigger button for me.
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    Arrest the motherfucker now.
    Santa is an elitist mother fucker -- giving expensive shit to rich kids and nothing to poor kids.

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