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Thread: Australia body-in-suitcase NOT Maddie McCann, suggestion is purely attention-seeking

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    Quote Originally Posted by Nevan View Post
    Wow, I guess that was the secret the cops were keeping .... there was another body found with the girl's body!!! How awful.

    Thanks for for the update, Slueth!
    The mom's body waa found 5 yrs ago.
    "In a double murder breakthrough, police have also determined that remains found in Belanglo State Forest in New South Wales in August 2010 are those of Khandalyce's mother - Karlie Jade Pearce-Stevenson."
    Quote Originally Posted by KrisNine View Post
    I think the mom's body was found at a separate location several years ago. Still, I'm thinking they must have kept something to themselves, if they never released info indicating that there was a chance these two were connected.

    Hopefully, they figure out what happened to these two.

    Oh, and the name, geez. Poor little thing.
    You're right, but the body of the mom discovered in 2010 "angel" hadnt been identified until recently as the theives/murderers fakes that ahe was still alive
    1:30am October 30, 2015
    'Angel' murder accused was driver in crash that killed three kids

    Daniel Holdom.

    Daniel Holdom.

    The man accused of murdering Karlie Pearce-Stevenson was the driver in a 2008 crash that killed his girlfriend’s two young children, it has emerged after he faced court today.

    Daniel Holdom, now 41, was driving in northern South Australia when his car rolled, killing his girlfriend’s two children, aged nine and six, The Advertiser reported.

    His girlfriend also received injuries that required her to use a wheelchair.

    The crash happened on the Stuart Highway on September 15, 2008, two months before Karlie Pearce-Stevenson was last seen.
    Khandalyce Pearce and Karlie Pearce-Stevenson.

    Khandalyce Pearce and Karlie Pearce-Stevenson.

    Three other passengers in the car – a two-year-old child, 26-year-old woman and 33-year-old man – were taken to the Alice Springs Hospital for treatment.

    Yesterday Holdom faced court over the alleged murder of Ms Pearce-Stevenson, after he was arrested and charged in Cessnock, in NSW’s Hunter region, late yesterday.

    He briefly appeared in Maitland Court and will remain in custody until his next appearance, at Sydney Local Court on November 12.

    Police allege he murdered Ms Pearce-Stevenson “at some time between the 14th and the 15th of December 2008,” NSW Police Detective Superintendent Mick Willing told a press conference.

    “She sustained certain injuries to her body but I cannot go further into those injuries as the investigations are ongoing,” he said.

    October 29, 2015: Detective Superintendent Mick Willing from the Homicide Squad speaks about the man arrested and charged over the murder of Karlie Pearce-Stevenson.

    Ms Pearce-Stevenson was last seen in November 2008, and her body was found in NSW’s Belanglo State Forest almost two years later, in late 2010.

    The remains of her two-year-old daughter Khandalyce were discovered in a suitcase in Wynarka, SA, in July this year, and police formally identified the pair last week.

    Investigations into Khandalyce’s murder are still ongoing.

    “We believe that Khandalyce was murdered at some point after Karlie but we are trying to establish the exact time,” Det Supt Mick Willing said

    “Inquiries are ongoing into the murder of Khandalyce,” Det Supt Mick Willing said.

    Other people have knowledge about the deaths and should come forward, he said.

    “We know that others have knowledge about what happened to Karlie and Khandalyce and we need those people to come forward.”

    “The time to do that is now.”

    Mr Holdom’s lawyer Peter Cleaves remained tight-lipped and had no comment about how he would plead.

    “There are inquiries necessary which will be extensive and they must be undertaken in the best interests [of Holdom],” he said.

    Mr Cleaves said he had spoken to his client for about 20 minutes.

    On Wednesday, police revealed that Ms Pearce-Stevenson’s identity had allegedly been stolen following her death and almost $100,000 was taken from her bank accounts between November 2008 and March 2012.

    A group of offenders also allegedly used her mobile phone to deliberately mislead family and convince them that the mum and daughter were still alive, police alleged.

    Police allege a woman impersonated Ms Pearce-Stevenson to family members by phone, and convinced them to transferring money into her account.

    A woman also impersonated Ms Pearce-Stevenson in a Centrelink interview in Adelaide in 2010, and Centrelink payments continued to be deposited into her bank account.

    Police believe at least one man and two women were involved in the fraud.

    © ninemsn 2015

    Daniel Holdom's phone detected in Belanglo forest near mother's remains, police allege

    Police allegedly traced mobile phone belonging to man charged with murdering Karlie Pearce-Stevenson via pings off towers near where her remains were discovered
    A NSW policeman holds up a photo of Karlie Jade Pearce-Stevenson and Khandalyce Pearce.
    A NSW policeman holds up a photo of Karlie Pearce-Stevenson and Khandalyce Pearce. Photograph: Dean Lewins/AAP

    Australian Associated Press

    Thursday 29 October 2015 08.49 GMT
    Last modified on Friday 30 October 2015 03.56 GMT

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    Daniel James Holdom appears in court charged with murder of Karlie Pearce-Stevenson
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    A mobile phone believed to belong to the man charged with murdering Karlie Pearce-Stevenson was in the Belanglo state forest near the spot where the mother’s remains were found, police believe.

    Daniel James Holdom appeared via video link at Maitland local court on Thursday, charged with the murder of Pearce-Stevenson, five years after her remains were found dumped in the forest south of Sydney.

    Police said on Thursday they believe Pearce-Stevenson was killed a short time before her daughter Khandalyce Pearce was murdered.

    The remains of the toddler were found in July, dumped on the side of a highway more than 1,000km away in South Australia.

    Holdom has not been charged in relation to Khandalyce’s death.

    It is understood police have been able to allegedly trace a telephone belonging to Holdom via pings off mobile phone towers in the Belanglo state forest, which put the phone near the location where Pearce-Stevenson’s remains were found, at about the time of her death.

    Police believe she was murdered on either 14 December or 15 December 2008.

    At a media conference in Sydney before Holdom’s first court appearance, Detective Superintendent Mick Willing said Pearce-Stevenson “sustained certain injuries to her body” but refused to add details as investigations are ongoing.

    Willing said police believe the Alice Springs mother, who was last seen alive in Charnwood in Canberra, was murdered before her daughter.

    “We believe that Khandalyce was murdered at some point after Karlie but we are trying to establish the exact time,” he said.

    “Now we know that others have knowledge of what occurred to Karlie and Khandalyce and we need those people to come forward. The time to do that is now.”

    Asked if his client had indicated if he had known Pearce-Stevenson, lawyer Peter Cleaves replied: “No.”

    Holdom, 41, did not apply for bail and it was formally refused, with Cleaves later saying “extensive” enquiries would be necessary before a plea could be determined.
    Texts from Karlie Pearce-Stevenson's phone sent to family for years after murder
    Read more

    “He’ll await advice,” Cleaves said outside the court, adding he had spoken with Holdom for about 20 minutes.

    Holdom, who was dressed in matching shirt and trousers and had short-cropped hair, said little during his brief appearance.

    A request by Cleaves that Holdom should not appear was refused by magistrate John Chicken.

    “Given the nature of the charge ... I think it’s appropriate he be brought on screen,” Chicken said.

    The court appearance came after police revealed on Tuesday that Pearce-Stevenson’s identity, bank account and mobile phone were used for years after her death to mislead family and defraud social services.

    Her remains were discovered in August 2010 in Belanglo state forest.

    Inquires were continuing into the murder of her daughter, aged two at the time of her death. The toddler’s remains were found with a suitcase close to a highway near the town of Wynarka, about 130km east of Adelaide.

    Holdom will next appear in Sydney’s central local court on 12 November.

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