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Thread: PR man for Casey Anthony is a FELON

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    Arrow PR man for Casey Anthony is a FELON

    Report: PR man for Casey Anthony defense has felony record

    ORANGE COUNTY, FL -- A mystery PR man who works for Casey Anthony's attorney is a convicted felon using a fake name, according to Orlando station WFTV.

    A former FBI agent told WFTV that the man, who calls himself 'Todd Black,' is actually Gil Cabot who was sent to jail in 1990 for trying to extort money from a Los Angeles TV news anchor. Todd Black with Press Corps Media became the PR front man for Casey's attorney, Jose Baez, last September.

    When asked by WFTV if Black was actually Gil Cabot, Baez had nothing to say.

    Black's voice was heard on nationwide TV in October on a phone call to CNN.

    Former FBI agent Jack Trimarco was a lie detector specialist when Cabot went to prison. He investigated Cabot in the late 1980's. He said Cabot tried to extort money from Entertainment Tonight talent Jann Carl, who worked as a TV news anchor at the time.

    "We recorded many, many phone conversations between Gil Cabot and Jann Carl, although Gil was always using different names and different aliases in his scheme. He eventually got arrested and was found guilty," Trimarco told WFTV reporter Kathi Belich.

    He said he received a tip that Cabot was invloved in the casey Anthony case. In addition to recognizing his voice, Trimarco said he believed Cabot used the alias Todd Black back in the 80's.

    Cabot is a Tampa native and graduate of Hillsborough High School. According to former agent Trimarco, he used threats and phony names to make money.

    Last Thursday, Todd Black told the Orlando Sentinel that he is not Gil Cabot. He called it "an absolute lie," according to the paper. He said that Press Corps Media was founded by Cabot, who is not invloved in the day-to-day running of the company.

    The Sentinel also says Black has turned down all requests to be interviewed in person.

    Late Monday, Press Corps Media responded in an emailed statement: "It simply DOES NOT MATTER if our company was founded by a gentleman who spent time in prison over twenty-five years ago, especially since that distinction is a key selling point that brings credibility to our services assisting celebrities, politicians and others charged with a crime. It simply DOES NOT MATTER that when he sold the company in 1996 he remained a consultant, just like it simply DOES NOT MATTER that security names are assigned to our company staff."

    The email was sent by Todd Black.

    Meter reader who found Caylee Anthony's remains reassigned
    The county meter reader who discovered Caylee Anthony's remains began a new job on Monday.

    Roy Kronk's attorney says his client will be out of the public eye, working in a warehouse doing inventory control. Kronk found himself in the national spotlight in December after he found Caylee's remains in a wooded area not far from her home.

    Since then, he has been the subject of public speculation that includes conspiracy theories. "There have been some very threatening online postings," attorney David Evans told the Orlando Sentinel.

    Kronk's daily routine as a meter reader made him accessible and vulnerable.

    In a recent interview on Good Morning America, Kronk said he felt vilified. "People actually believe some of the things that are being said and I have nothing to do with this at all," he told Robin Roberts.

    Evans said Kronk applied for the new job before he found the remains.
    Prosecutors say 2-year-old Caylee (photos) was killed by Casey Anthony (photos), who now faces first-degree murder charges.


    Report: PR man for Casey Anthony defense has felony record | WFTS-TV

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    Why does this whore bag need a PR person???

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    I wonder what this guy had on Jann Carl?

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    I hope that sick-twisted-bitch-ho Casey gets the death penalty or maybe someone will save the state money and just pop a cap in her head real soon.

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