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Thread: Robbing a bank by phone...

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    Default Robbing a bank by phone...

    WELLINGTON, New Zealand Dec 9, 2005 A man who robbed a New Zealand bank was so disappointed with his haul he tried again this time by phone, police said Saturday.

    "He's rung (the bank) and said 'I'm the guy who robbed you the other day and I want the manager to put some money in a bag and go and stand in the street," said Detective Sergeant Chris Winder of the Auckland Police.

    "(He said) 'I'll drive by slowly and take the bag from you and drive off.'"

    A plain clothes police officer stood outside the bank in the northern city of Auckland on Friday carrying a bag but the man did not appear. Instead, he called again.

    "A phone call was made by the offender saying, 'I've been watching and I don't like what I see,'" Winder said. "He said 'can you meet me down (the road) instead.'"

    A plain clothes officer waited for the man at the second rendezvous but he again failed to appear.

    Police traced the calls and arrested a man Saturday, charging him with aggravated robbery and demanding money with menaces.
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    Default Re: Robbing a bank by phone...

    What an idiot!

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    Default Re: Robbing a bank by phone...

    Drive-thru robbery! And they say Americans are lazy! (Only kidding)
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