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Thread: Dogs Search for Missing Colo. Girl's Body

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    Unhappy Dogs Search for Missing Colo. Girl's Body

    The Associated Press
    Saturday, November 19, 2005; 3:38 AM

    AURORA, Colo. -- After reporting his 6-year-old daughter missing earlier this week, Aaron Thompson went on television to plead with the public for help.

    "I'm scared for her safety. ... If anybody has information, please contact the police to bring my baby girl home," he told KMGH-TV.

    Behind the scenes, police said it was a different story. While dozens of police went door-to-door, flew over the area and scoured nearby fields for Aarone Thompson, who ostensibly went missing in the middle of a snow storm and freezing weather, they said the family was uncooperative.

    Other details emerged: The most recent picture of the girl, who would turn 7 Nov. 30, was a grainy photograph taken when she was 4 1/2 years old. Neighbors couldn't recall ever seeing the child and she wasn't enrolled in school, even though she would be old enough for first grade. State law requires school only for children ages 7 to 16.

    Police on Thursday declared Aaron Thompson's missing person report a lie. Cadaver dogs searched the backyard in this east Denver suburb on Friday for clues, including possibly the little girl's body, after someone told police she was killed at the home.

    Thompson and Shely Lowe, described as his live-in girlfriend, were "persons of interest" in the case, police said.

    Aarone may have been killed as long as 18 months ago, police said. Detectives were wrapping up interviews with seven other children in the household who have since been placed in foster homes.

    Interim Police Chief Terry Jones would not say what the children told investigators but said, "It's been a significant amount of time since Aarone was in this home."

    Police were also speaking with Aarone's grandparents and her biological mother, who lives in Michigan and has said she hasn't seen her daughter since 2001 after a bitter split with Thompson, Jones said.

    Police could only speculate why the little girl was only reported missing this week, Jones said.

    Each member of the family submitted DNA samples and fingerprints, said attorney Leta Holden.

    "The family is deeply concerned about the well being of Aarone and the efforts being made for her safe return home," Holden said in a statement.

    Family spokesman Sam Riddle said Thompson told him he had nothing to do with Aarone's disappearance.

    Riddle said he has "grave concerns" about the way police are handling the case.

    "This police chief better ... have a substantial body of evidence to back up this statement that Aarone was murdered," he said.
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    Default Re: Dogs Search for Missing Colo. Girl's Body

    Young and at risk: A fatal trend
    Chance of being slain goes up as age drops
    By Kirk Mitchell
    Denver Post Staff Writer

    Aaroné Thompson's suspected murder, on an unknown day under mysterious circumstances, may be just one more example of an alarming pattern: the younger the child, the more likely he or she will become a homicide victim.

    The youngest victims frequently are killed in the secrecy of their own home and at the hands of a loved one, national statistics show.

    The first day of life is the deadliest, and more than 75 percent of all child murders happen before the victim is 5, according to the U.S. Department of Justice.

    If Aurora police are correct, Aaroné Thompson disappeared when she was 4.

    They say she was the victim of a homicide, but after several days of investigation, few details have surfaced about what may have happened to Aaroné or where her body may be hidden.

    Last week, scores of police and volunteers scoured fields near the family home thinking she may have walked away in a huff over not getting a cookie, as her father, Aaron Thompson, told police. They worried that she froze to death or a stranger grabbed her and dumped her body.

    On Thursday, the search moved to the family's house and yard, where it continued Saturday with few major developments. Aaron Thompson and his girlfriend, Shelley Lowe, were called "persons of interest."

    In Colorado, parents, extended family members and boyfriends of the mother are the most frequent killers of small children.

    In a Denver Post examination of deaths per 100,000 people, Colorado ranks 19th out of 49 states in child murders, with 108 child-involved homicides from 1999 to 2003, according to an analysis of FBI Supplemental Homicide Reports. Among those 108 deaths, five of the victims were less than a week old; 29 were 1 year or younger; 27 were between 2 and 10 years old; and 47 were between 11 and 17.

    On July 25, 2004, two mothers were accused of killing their newborn babies. Erin Alison Pendleton, then 29, gave birth to a baby in a Cherry Creek North bar restroom and was accused of putting him in a trash bag. Hours earlier, Griselle Suarez, then 20, abandoned her newborn in a northwest Denver trash bin, and the child died later after being taken off life support. Pendleton was charged with murder; Suarez is serving a 16-year sentence.

    According to the federal Centers for Disease Control and Prevention, the chances of being murdered are greater on the day of birth than at any other point in a person's life.

    Kids are more likely to be killed by loved ones than adults are, said Denver Chief Deputy District Attorney Lamar Sims. "To a far (greater) extent, you're dealing with someone from the extended family."

    Children are less likely to be intentionally killed by knives or guns, he added, and often fall victim to scalding water or fists.

    Between 1999 and 2003, 32 children were killed by a parent in Colorado; 17 were girls, and 15 were boys. Twenty were killed by an acquaintance; two by friends. Only six were killed by strangers.

    While it's difficult to say why parents kill their own children, there are common patterns. And in the Thompson case, having two "persons of interest" would be atypical for a child homicide case, since accomplices are rare in such cases, according to Bill Walsh, author of the Justice Department report on child homicides.

    It is more typical for one person to be aware that a spouse, girlfriend or boyfriend is abusing or neglecting a child but fails to report the maltreatment or take steps to protect the child, he says.

    Preschool children are often more difficult to care for than older kids, according to Walsh. Parents or caregivers can easily mistake crying as defiance even though the behavior is normal. At the same time, younger children are physically more vulnerable and are more likely to be severely injured or killed during physical abuse, Walsh's report said.

    When Aaroné Thompson's father moved into Lowe's Aurora home, there were eight children and two adults in the modest- sized home. And there were signs of tension. Her older brother ran away from home.

    Child murders have a lot to do with stressful household dynamics, said Shannon Breitzman, program director overseeing the state department of health's violence prevention programs. In addition, an inexperienced caregiver might abuse a child who cries, is a fussy eater, soils his diaper or awakes in the middle of the night, Walsh said in his report.

    Other children might be suffocated in their bedrooms, like in the Denver case of 9-month-old A'ishah Deana, whose mother was accused of throwing a pillow on top of her July 9, 2004, after tiring of her crying. Or they might be beaten to death in the care of boyfriends, like 1-year-old Alexia Montoya, who had bruises on her face and chest, and two black eyes when she stopped breathing Oct. 13, 2003, according to Colorado Department of Human Services reports.

    Neighbors, school officials, police or some agency often know about problems at a home, but that information often is not shared, Breitzman said. Nationwide, in 2000, 38 percent of all children who died of abuse or neglect had prior or current contact with a state child protective services agency, according to Walsh's report.

    Concerned with the state's lack of a coordinated response to child fatalities, two weeks ago, Gov. Bill Owens appointed a 17-member committee of health care and law enforcement officials called the Colorado Child Fatality Prevention Review Team and gave them more authority to investigate child fatality cases.
    The statistics on sanity are that one out of every four persons is suffering from some sort of mental illness. Think of your three best friends -- if they're okay, then it's you.

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    Default Re: Dogs Search for Missing Colo. Girl's Body

    This is a fucked up case. First, why do two of the kids basically carry the name of the father. Second, I don't give a shit how stressful the breakup of the parents was, what kind of mother doesn't see her young daughter for four fucking years. These people suck no matter what happened. And now the rest of the kids are in foster care...great. Another family down the drain thanks to stupid ass parents who shouldn't have been parents to start with.
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    Default Re: Dogs Search for Missing Colo. Girl's Body

    I agree with you. How does a child become missing for up to 18 months with no one noticing?

    Thompson Yard Searched For Hidden Grave
    Police Continue Hunt For Missing Child

    AURORA, Colo. -- Members of a nonprofit group that specializes in finding hidden graves have joined the investigation into the possible slaying of a young girl.

    Volunteers from Fort Collins-based NecroSearch have begun searching the property where Aarone Thompson lived before she disappeared. They were set to continue their search Monday.

    NecroSearch was called in two days after cadaver dogs searched inside and outside the home.

    "What we do is look for disturbances associated with a grave," said Jim Reed.

    Aarone, who would be 6-years-old, was reported missing last Monday by her father Aaron Thompson but after three days of searching for her, police said they had received a tip leading them to believe the little girl may have been killed over a year ago. No arrests have been made.

    Police said that a bed in the home believed used by Aarone had a missing mattress.

    Thompson and his live-in girlfriend Shely Lowe, are both considered "persons of interest" by the police.

    Attorney Leta Holden, who represents the family, has said that the family told her each member of the family has submitted DNA samples and fingerprints.

    Thompson family spokesman Sam Riddle criticized interim Police Chief Terry Jones for simply focusing on the possibility that Aarone was killed.

    "It seems again like he's drawn a conclusion and then he's going on a forensic fishing expedition," Riddle said.

    Police spokesman Rudy Herrera declined comment on Riddle's accusation.

    "We need to make sure there's justice in this case for Aarone Thompson. We will leave no stone unturned to that end," Herrera said.

    Seven other children lived in the home with Aaron Thompson and Lowe, including Aarone's 11-year-old brother Aaron, Lowe's five children and Lowe's younger brother. All have been placed in protective custody.

    A hearing was scheduled Monday regarding the children and Aaron Thompson's mother and her husband, Earia and Jessie Cloman of Flint, Mich., planned to ask for custody of 11-year-old Aaron, Riddle said. Lowe is also expecting a baby and the Clomans plan to ask for custody if the state moves to gain custody of that child as well, he said.
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    The statistics on sanity are that one out of every four persons is suffering from some sort of mental illness. Think of your three best friends -- if they're okay, then it's you.

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