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Thread: 2nd Person killed by being pushed in front of NYC Subway

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    Quote Originally Posted by Sarzy View Post
    I think this women is severely mentally ill.
    You do? I go back and forth. I really would love for that to be the case. I would hope that in order to do something so heinous you would have to have a serious chemical imbalance.

    That poor poor man!

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    I do. I think you have to be ill to do something like this. She was seen muttering to herself and walking back and forth before she did it and the fact she so willingly gave her 'reason' for it makes me think she is not all there too. She just sounds crazy to me.
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    ^i agree. if you willingly physically harm another person, you are tweaked in the head in some way, shape or form.
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    I'd say she is criminally insane and should be taken out of general society. She may not be rational, but she's still dangerous.
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    Quote Originally Posted by Quazar View Post
    I'd say she is criminally insane and should be taken out of general society. She may not be rational, but she's still dangerous.
    Let there be no doubt! She should never be out again.
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