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Thread: No jail time for man prosecutors say tied up, sexually assaulted teen after school pl

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    Default No jail time for man prosecutors say tied up, sexually assaulted teen after school pl

    What the actual fuck?

    No jail time for man prosecutors say tied up, sexually assaulted teen after school play

    Associated Press

    [IMG];0,0&resize=900:*[/IMG] SOURCE: Chesterfield Police

    CHESTERFIELD, Va. — A Virginia judge decided not to impose any active prison time for a 19-year-old man who prosecutors say tied up a 14-year-old girl and sexually assaulted her after they attended a school play.

    The Richmond Times-Dispatch reports that in January, Chesterfield Circuit Judge T.J. Hauler sentenced Logan Osborn to 10 years in prison with eight years suspended. But in January and again Wednesday, Hauler stayed execution of the two-year active term, noting that guidelines called for no incarceration.

    Osborn pleaded guilty to having carnal knowledge of the girl in an agreement in which prosecutors wouldn’t pursue a forcible sodomy indictment.
    Osborn’s attorney says it was consensual, but Chesterfield prosecutor Erin Barr says at 14, the girl couldn’t legally consent to sex.

    Osborn told the court that he takes responsibility for his actions and apologized for his “poor judgement.”

    Barr said the family is disappointed Osborn will serve no prison time. She pointed to the fact that Osborn has been accused a total of seven times of engaging in inappropriate sexual conduct with girls.
    Osborn, who will be required to register as a sex offender, lost an academic scholarship to study chemistry at the University of Mary Washington because of the conviction.
    Prosecutors said Osborn forced himself on the victim after getting her alone and tied a belt around her neck and hands before the assault.

    Osborn’s attorney has described the sexual encounter as consensual and said that a series of text messages the girl and Osborn exchanged “supports his version of the facts.”

    However, Barr argued Osborn “set up the situation and manipulated the situation,” Barr said. “The girl didn’t know what she was getting into.”
    According to evidence in the latest case, Osborn and the victim met for the first time at a prom. One week later, on April 28, 2017, they attended a play together at Cosby High School at Osborn’s invitation.
    The play ended earlier than expected, and Osborn and the girl went for a walk. Barr said Osborn led the girl down a path from where people were gathered for a sporting event. The path ended at a fence. Barr said Osborn's demeanor changed, he became forceful, pushed the victim to her knees and tied a belt around her neck and hands before forcing her to perform a sex act.

    When it was almost time for the girl’s mother to pick her up, Osborn untied the victim and let her up. She quickly walked back to the school and spoke with her mother by video chat, the prosecutor said.
    Upon seeing her daughter, the mother knew something was wrong. Osborn followed the girl back to the school and then left for home, Barr said.

    The girl’s mother immediately questioned her about what happened. The girl told her mother on the way home what Osborn did, and the family called police and took her to St. Mary’s Hospital for a forensic exam, the prosecutor said.

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    Far too often the courts don't treat rape seriously enough. This guy has been accused SEVEN times of inappropriate sexual conduct with girls! And he's only nineteen! Imagine how many similar incidents weren't even reported. My tiny violin is broken, so I can't play it for his lost scholarship.
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    Cosby High School? How apropos.
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    Sometimes it feels like a losing battle - she was 14, he tied her up, he had sex with her, they called the police right away. But they are WORRIED ABOUT HIS SCHOLARSHIP???

    What the ever-loving-fuck.
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    If it had been my daughter, the last words this rapist would have heard in this lifetime would have been " X girl's mother sends her regards".

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