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Thread: Naked PA Woman Escapes Captivity

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    Default Naked PA Woman Escapes Captivity

    Naked Pa. woman escapes 3 days of captivity, beatings by another woman

    The battered, bruised woman says she was beaten with everything from baseball bats to fire extinguishers – even a chair. She was allegedly held captive by another woman inside a Pottsville, Pa., apartment for three agonizing days, until making a daring escape with nary a stitch of clothes on earlier this week.

    WNEP-TV reports that the naked, beaten woman ran screaming and crying into a Pottsville business on Tuesday morning. Authorities are only now releasing the details in wake of the arrest of the woman accused of keeping her captive, the station says, adding:

    Suspect Holly Ann Rhode, 47, of Pottsville, is jailed, accused of holding another woman captive for three days. The victim is not being identified.

    The investigation continues, but police tell WNEP they have found evidence to substantiate the victim's account.
    Holly Ann Rhode is charged with aggravated assault and unlawful restraint.

    Naked Pa. woman escapes 3 days of captivity, beatings by another woman |

    POTTSVILLE, SCHUYLKILL COUNTY (WBRE/WYOU) -- Neighbors and witnesses in Pottsville are reacting to seeing a woman running across the street naked. The woman was being chased by 47-year-old, Holly Ann Rhode-- who police say held the victim captive in her apartment for three days-- repeatedly beating her up.

    Witnesses and neighbors couldn't believe a woman was being held captive right next to them. Witnesses tell us it's a miracle the victim had the strength to escape the apartment. They say they couldn't believe the woman could run for help with the severe bruises and injuries they saw.

    "She kept yelling, help me, help me," said Diane Hess, witness.

    Diane Hess works at the store across the street from Holly Ann Rhode's apartment on South Centre Street in Pottsville. She recalls the horrifying moments, Tuesday Morning when a victim ran into the store with Rhode chasing her.

    "I said, who did this to you and she said, she did [Rhode] and pointed to her," said Diane Hess.

    The victim ran into the store with only a small blanket covering the front of her naked body. Once inside, Hess says another employee called the police, and they arrived in minutes. Police found the victim sitting in a chair with a large cut to her forehead, many smaller cuts and severe bruising on her body.

    "My heart breaks for her because she was just covered in bruises. I've never seen anything like it ever," said Hess.

    The victim told Pottsville police that Rhode had beaten her with a baseball bat, a chair, a fire extinguisher and her fists. The woman was held captive from Sunday until Tuesday morning when she ran.

    "Didn't someone over there hear," questioned Hess.

    "I didn't hear anything, nothing, nothing. We actually walked our kids on this street. Nothing. Heard nothing," said Jessica Vidal, neighbor.

    The Vidals live in the building over from Rhode.

    "I was kind of scared, my kids live right there with us," said Brad Vidal, neighbor.

    "It's a terrible situation, no one should be held captive like that," said Diane Hutton, neighbor.

    "I just hope she's ok, and that she can overcome this. My thoughts and prayers are with her," said Jessica Vidal.

    Employees at the store tell us Rhode did not deny the victim's accusations against her, but Rhode did say the bruises came from the victim's husband.

    Pottsville police have charged Rhode with multiple assault charges, unlawful restraint, possessing instruments of crime and recklessly endangering another person.

    They have not commented on how the two women knew each other.

    The victim was taken to the hospital where she's said to be in stable condition. Rhode was arraigned on the charges and sent to the Schuylkill County prison, where she is held on a 100-thousand dollar cash bond.


    A 47 year old Pottsville woman is in prison, charged with holding a Mechanicsville captive for three days and repeatedly beating her.

    Pottsville Police Chief Richard F. Wojciechowsky says Holly Ann Rhode is charged with aggravated assault, simple assault, unlawful restraint, possessing instruments of crime and recklessly endangering another person.

    Wojciechowsky says the assaults became public about 10:15 Tuesday morning when officers were called to the 500 block of South Centre Street for a report of a naked woman with severe bruising running inside a business.

    When officers arrived, they found a 47 year old woman wrapped in a sheet sitting on a chair with a large cut to her forehead and numerous smaller cuts and substantial bruising on her body.

    The victim told officers that she had been the victim of repeated beatings by Rhode in Rhode's apartment between Sunday and Tuesday morning when she was finally able to escape.

    The victim says Rhode had beaten her with a baseball bat, a chair, a fire extinguisher and her fists and kept her from leaving the apartment.

    She also said Rhode had taken all her clothes and deprived her of "basic human necessities".

    The Pottsville Chief say several witnesses saw the woman running naked down the street, pleading for help and saw Rhode chasing the woman trying to grab her.

    The victim was taken to a Pottsville hospital where she's reported to be in stable condition.

    Rhode was arraigned on the charges and sent to the Schuylkill County Prison because she couldn't post the $100,000 cash bond.

    Pottsville woman charged with beating and holding Mechanicsville

    It's not Florida. Seriously.

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    Holy smoke, I thought that was a photo of the victim at first, not the perpetrator.

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    I want to know they why of this story.
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    ^^ I'm wondering if it comes down to rivalry over a man. Crazy people get even crazier when they think they are in love. We've got an ongoing case over here where a woman incapacitated another woman by zapping her in the head with an electric cattle prod and stabbed her 40 times because she thought that if she could get her rival out of the way she could have the woman's man.
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