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Thread: Two French Police Officers Killed In Attack Claimed By ISIS (and posted on FaceBook)

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    Default Two French Police Officers Killed In Attack Claimed By ISIS (and posted on FaceBook)

    They kind of bury this in the story, but the husband was police officer and the wife was a secretary. The husband was killed in front of the house and the wife was tortured and killed inside while the 3-year-old son hid behind the couch. The terrorist who killed them asked on FaceBook something like "not sure what I should do about the boy".

    Two French Police Officers Killed In Attack Claimed By ISIS

    Two French Police Officers Killed In Attack Claimed By ISIS

    The attacker reportedly filmed part of the assault live on Facebook.

    PARIS/LES MUREAUX (Reuters) - A suspected Islamist attacker stabbed a French police commander to death outside his home and later killed his companion, a policewoman, in an attack claimed by Islamic State and denounced by the government as “an abject act of terrorism”.
    The assailant, a 25-year-old Frenchman of Moroccan origin, was jailed in 2013 for helping Islamist militants go to Pakistan and had been under security service surveillance, including wiretaps, at the time of the attack, police sources said.
    The attacker filmed part of the assault live on the social network Facebook, according to David Thomson, a journalist specialized in radical Islamists. In his Facebook message, he linked the attack to the Euro 2016 soccer tournament now under way in France, saying: “The Euros will be a graveyard.”
    The attacker, named by police and justice sources as Larossi Abballa, knifed the 42-year-old commander repeatedly in the stomach on Monday evening.
    He then barricaded himself inside the house in Magnanville, a suburb some 60 km (40 miles) west of Paris, taking the man’s 36-year-old partner and their three-year-old son hostage.
    Police commandos shot Abballa dead when they stormed the house after negotiations failed but they found the woman, a secretary at a police station in a nearby suburb, killed with a knife, a source close to the investigation said.
    The boy was unharmed but in a state of shock.

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    Fucking animals.

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    I'm getting scared. Shit like this makes me paranoid.
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    So awful. Thank you for posting this I had not heard about it.

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    That poor baby boy. He's fucked.

    So this guy just randomly picked these people?
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    I read that they were his neighbours so maybe he had some grudge against them. also the fact that they were in the police may have had something to do with it.

    French authorities are saying that it is very likely that there are thousands of other radicalised sleeper agents just waiting to do their bit for ISIS just like this monster did.

    That poor boy. I hope there is someone to take him in.
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