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Thread: Woman Who Commissioned "Ghost" Photos With Dead Daughter Now Charged With Her Murder

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    Default Woman Who Commissioned "Ghost" Photos With Dead Daughter Now Charged With Her Murder

    Woman Who Commissioned "Ghost" Photos With Dead Daughter Now Charged With Girl's Murder

    Barry Petchesky
    Friday 10:50am
    Filed to: police blotter


    Would you like a morbid and horrible story to start the day? Here, have this one about a North Carolina mother who, weeks before she and her boyfriend were arrested on murder and child abuse charges in the death of 2-year-old Macy Grace, commissioned a set of photoshopped photos of her and her ethereal daughter in a cemetery.

    Macy was rushed to the hospital on Dec. 2, and according to police records was unresponsive and had bruises all over her body. Those bruises were consistent with child abuse, a Fayetteville PD search warrant said. The medical examiner last week ruled the child’s death a homicide, and her mother Jeanie Ditty, an active-duty soldier at Fort Bragg, and boyfriend Zachary Keefer were arrested and charged the next day.

    In between, Ditty sought out the services of Sunny Jo, a Pennsylvania-based photographer who specializes in photoshopped portraits with deceased family members. Ditty told Jo that her daughter had choked to death on a banana.

    “I felt so bad for the grieving mother that I decided to do $500 worth of work for free because of the situation,” Jo told WNCN-TV.

    The result: images of Ditty reading with Macy, walking through the cemetery, even standing by Macy’s grave.

    Jo says he was flooded with abusive and hateful messages after Ditty was charged. “I regret that I’m attached to a situation that is so evil, and is so vile,” he told Fox News.

    “I find out that she wanted these photos just to lie to the public,” Jo told WNCN, “to cover up what she did so she can look like the grieving mother.”

    Ditty, 23, and Keefer, 32, are each charged with first-degree murder and negligent child abuse inflicting serious bodily injury. Both are being held without bond.

    Woman Who Commissioned "Ghost" Photos With Dead Daughter Now Charged With Girl's Murder
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    That's morbid, and this bitch needs to get locked up for life.
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    Oh man.
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    Creepy as hell. Even more so if she was responsible for the girl's death, but creepy nonetheless.
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    The poor artist. I hate that their business (even though I find it creepy) may be harmed by this.
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    ^^ I feel for that guy (I mean granted I think ghost photography kind of creepy) but he doesn't deserve the hateful words and the bruising it's going to do to his livelihood. Hope she and her boyfriend get to rot in prison.
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    he deserves it for being so goddamned tacky.
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    those pictures are like some kind of thomas kincaide momento mori
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