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Thread: 15-Year-Old Rape Victim in India Seeks Medical Treatment, Is Raped Again at Hospital

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    Default 15-Year-Old Rape Victim in India Seeks Medical Treatment, Is Raped Again at Hospital

    15-Year-Old Rape Victim in India Seeks Medical Treatment, Is Raped Again at the Hospital

    Jia Tolentino
    Yesterday 11:45am
    Filed to: rape

    On January 26, a teenage girl in Jamshedpur, India, was reportedly raped by a teenage boy in the Parsudih area of the city. Police arrested her assailant, and took the girl—reported in most places to be 15, and in a few as 13—to the Mahatma Gandhi Medical College and Hospital for treatment. On Sunday night, police say, she was raped again by a security guard. From the Hindustan Times:

    Police arrested the accused, identified as Shambhu Mahato, on Monday morning from a locality of the steel city, about 130 km from capital Ranchi.
    Police also detained 12 fellow security guards, including a woman, for allegedly helping Mahato to flee after committing the crime at the Mahatma Gandhi Medical College and Hospital (MGMCH).
    Police said the 13-year-old victim was admitted to the hospital on Saturday after she was allegedly raped by a teenager in the Parsudih area of the city on January 26.
    At the hospital, the security guard allegedly accompanied her to the bathroom and raped her, police added. The incident took place at around 7 pm.
    By the account given by the victim’s mother, the security guard had the audacity to make up an errand to get her out of the building, giving him enough time to rape her daughter.

    The victim’s mother said the accused brought samosas on Sunday evening and asked her to bring puffed rice.
    “When I returned with the puffed rice, I saw my daughter was shaking and crying on the bed. She told me what Mahato did but when we complained to the woman guard she scolded us,” the mother added.

    Jamshedpur is in the Jharkand region of India, which contains over 30 million people; the number of reported rapes in Jharkand is increasing year over year. The rape occurred the same day that Raghubar Das, the chief minister of Jharkhand, inspected the hospital, urging and promising improvements.

    15-Year-Old Rape Victim in India Seeks Medical Treatment, Is Raped Again at the HospitalÂ*

    this is so sad and horrible.
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    I don't even understand the thinking here, she's already ruined so he might as well get some? This is so fucked up?
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    It is disheartening to see how little women are valued in some cultures.
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    Maybe we do need a giant meteor to hit us and send us into a new Dark Age. Reading shit like this...I got nothing.
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