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Thread: High School Basketball Players Charged With Aggravated Rape in Hazing Incident

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    Default High School Basketball Players Charged With Aggravated Rape in Hazing Incident

    There is so much WTF I this article I don't even know where to start. Poor kid.

    High School Basketball Players Charged With Aggravated Assault, Rape In Hazing Incident

    Tennessee police have charged three high school basketball players with aggravated rape and assault after they hazed a 15-year-old freshman teammate while the team was at a tournament in Gatlinburg. The three unnamed boys, from Ooltewah High School, are currently at a juvenile facility, according to a statement from Gatlinburg police.
    A family member of the victim told that the boy needed surgery for his injuries:
    The family member said, “He was not given a proper exam and collapsed the following day. Once he collapsed, he was taken by ambulance to the University of Tennessee Medical Center in Knoxville. He had to undergo emergency surgery, as his colon and bladder were ruptured. He is still in the hospital recovering at this time.”
    The family member said it was initially unclear as to how he sustained such injuries. However, she said “it was later found that he was beaten and sodomized by fellow teammates.” She said they used a wooden pool stick to sodomize him.
    She said he “is expected to recover within 2-3 months. However, he is having nightmares. He has stated that he thought that he was going to die as a result of the assault. In addition, once he is finally discharged he has to wear a catheter and colostomy bag for at least two weeks or longer.”
    The high school removed the players from the team while police investigate. The police’s brief release is below.

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    Jesus Christ! This poor kid. I hope the boys who sexually assaulted him are charged as adults.
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    Sick sick fuckers....we are surrounded by sick fuckers...they are everywhere.

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    That poor boy. I hope the little psychopaths get put away for good.
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    So... Did this poor kid "ask for it" or is that just reserved for girls who get raped by High School Sports Gods?
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    How horrible. What in the world possesses people to do these terrible things?
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