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Thread: Woman jailed for posting photos of neighbour's dog online

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    Default Woman jailed for posting photos of neighbour's dog online

    Woman jailed for posting photos of neighbour's dog online

    Australian Women's Weekly
    1 hour ago

    © Australian Women's Weekly Amber Cammack spent 14 hours behind bars after posting pictures of the dog on Facebook.

    A woman in Texas has been jailed for 14 hours for posting photographs of her neighbour’s dog wearing a nappy, saying she thought the animal was being abused.

    The New York Daily News reports that Amber Cammack spent 14 hours behind bars after posting pictures of the dog on Facebook.

    She was concerned for the animal, which was out on the balcony, apparently also with its mouth tied shut.

    Amber told reporters the dog was kept on the balcony “even during rain storms” and had "something tied around its snout and wearing a nappy."

    © Australian Women's Weekly One of the pictures of the dog posted on Facebook.

    She complained to authorities but received no response, so posted images to Facebook. They were widely shared.

    "A few days later Ms Cammack received a call from the sheriff telling her if she didn’t remove the photos she would be arrested," the report says.

    Authorities said Ms Cammack “had repeatedly published allegations of animal abuse on social media sites, including their personal information, their physical locations, security access information, personal vehicle information, and more."

    “I’m not a criminal,” Ms Cammack said, “and I’m disgusted with the fact that I can’t report a crime and nobody’s helped the dog.”

    A veterinarian and animal protection investigator have declared the dog to be in good health.

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    If the dog is female, she may be in heat, which explains the diaper.

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    I needed more info about this case and found this article from Saturday.

    Saturday, November 7, 2015

    Woman jailed for taking photos of her neighbor's dog wearing a diaper and sharing them online

    A Texas woman spent 14 hours in jail after being arrested for trying to help her neighbor's dog that appeared to be left on a balcony with its mouth tied shut.
    Amber Cammack called a number of government agencies, including the Harris County Sheriff's Office to report what appeared to be animal abuse of a dog her neighbor was keeping on a balcony.

    When no one responded, Cammack shared images on Facebook showing her neighbor's dog wearing a diaper with something tied around its mouth while being left on a small balcony at a Houston condo complex.
    Cammack said the dog was left on the balcony round the clock, even during rain storms.

    The situation had become so dire, that the neighbor below the condo where the dog was kept on the balcony, had urine and excrement on their balcony.
    After Cammack shared photos and video of the dog on the balcony to Facebook and YouTube, she was surprised when the Harris County Sheriff, Ron Hickman, called her.
    She claims that Hickman told her she was harassing the dog's owners and demanded for her to remove the Facebook post about the dog or he would arrest her.
    Cammack did not remove the post and Monday she was arrested for electronic harassment.
    'When we file charges, our charges are based on the evidence,' Harris County District Attorney Devon Anderson said.
    'And in animal cruelty cases, our evidence comes from experts who have examined the dog.'
    Karess Buckman, a woman who lives in the home where the puppy, named June, was being kept, explained why it was sporting a diaper.
    'The diaper was due to the dog having loose stool,' Buckman told KPRC.
    'We didn't want it to drip down on the neighbor below because she had urinated.'
    Buckman explained that the six-month-old Lab-German Shepherd mix belongs to a friend of her son's who was staying with the family for about a week.

    She said that June is back with the owner of the dog and no longer at the condo.
    Since being released from jail, Cammack is demanding an apology from Harris County Sheriff Ron Hickman for arresting her.
    Welcome to Linda Ikeji's Blog: Woman jailed for taking photos of her neighbor's dog wearing a diaper and sharing them online

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    If the dog is left out in the elements, with it's mouth tied shut, that's abuse. Period.

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    ^^This! It's disgusting and depressing that so many assholes have the right to do pretty much whatever they want to helpless animals, as long as it doesn't violate the ridiculously minimal and woefully inadequate care requirements set by the law.
    'I had to get rid of the kid. The cat was allergic.'

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