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Thread: Tabatha Lee Grooms arrested after boyfriend refuses sex

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    Default Tabatha Lee Grooms arrested after boyfriend refuses sex

    Tabatha Lee Grooms arrested after boyfriend refuses sex

    Tabatha Lee Grooms arrested after boyfriend Carlos Rodrecus Grace refuses sex

    July 21, 2015 8:53AM By MATT YOUNG

    tabatha Source: Supplied

    THIS makes for one hell of a hangover.

    A woman went on a drunken rampage after her boyfriend refused to have sex with her — and now she’s paying for it.

    Earlier this month, reports surfaced of Tabatha Lee Grooms’ intoxicated rage which allegedly involved biting her boyfriend, forcing him to take cover in the bathroom where he called 911.

    According to the Richmond County Sheriff’s Office, Grooms, 35, was arrested around 11:30pm on June 24 in a furore over the fact her boyfriend, Carlos Rodrecus Grace, 30, had refused her advances earlier in the day.

    Part of the police report against Ms Grooms. Picture: Source: Supplied

    When she came home to confront Grace, she announced she had “f**ked everyone else because he would not f**k her”, before atacking him on the sofa.

    He was left with “visible scratches to his face, head and neck that were bleeding slightly”.

    She then proceeded to punch her mother, Betty Clark, who lives at the residence with the couple, in her left eye.

    Grooms admitted to police she had been drinking but not before she “threatened to run over Deputy Turner with the baby stroller if he did not move out of her way”.

    She was charged with simple battery and family violence before being taken to Richmond County Jail.
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    AND she wanted to run over a cop with a BABY STROLLER? Attractive AND intelligent...
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    Those teeth! Eek!

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    Straight out of a horror movie...
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    Damn now I wanna see his pic.
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    OMG, she bit him with those teeth?! He's going to suffer a massive bacterial infection and lose his... whatever she bit! And maybe a series of rabies shots would be in order.

    I can't imagine why he would refuse to have sex with her...

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    holy mother of god
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