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Thread: Love Triangle Involving Cousins Leads to Very Redneck Arson

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    Default Love Triangle Involving Cousins Leads to Very Redneck Arson

    Love Triangle Involving Cousin Leads to Very Redneck Arson

    Mark Shrayber
    7/24/15 10:33am

    A news reporter speaking to the victim of a fire got an amazing schoop when he asked the woman, whose garage was set ablaze, if she had any idea about who committed the arson and why. “I don’t want to mention no names,” the woman said before revealing that it was her cousin who did it. But the reason why? That needs to be heard straight from her mouth to be believed.

    Statter 911 reports that the woman in the video, Heather Tenney of Leavittsburg, Ohio, believes her house was targeted by her cousin because she chose her husband over him. That’s right, it’s the classic tale of a lovesick cousin who just sets shit on fire when he doesn’t get his way with blood relations. And the best thing is just how casual Tenney is about the whole thing. Sure, she’s worried that her house is on fire and that her cousin did it, but she just casually reveals it like that’s a thing that happens more often than you’d think around where she lives. Like maybe that’s just the way cousins with crushes do things in Leavittsburg, Ohio?
    “it’s a long story,” Tenney told Derrick Lewis, who was covering the fire. “He already put my husband in the hospital once last month.”
    That’s going to be an awkward family reunion.
    Contact the author at

    Video at the link.
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    I have got to know what the would-be cousband looks like, if that man in the video is the one she chose.

    Kudos to the reporter for keeping a straight face.
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    Wow...I have cousins on my father's side that have married a couple times removed cousins. Yeah, we're not that close to his side of the family.

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