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Thread: Oklahoma Governor Signs Bill Approving Nitrogen Gas For Executions*

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    Default Oklahoma Governor Signs Bill Approving Nitrogen Gas For Executions*

    Oklahoma Governor Signs Bill Approving Nitrogen Gas For ExecutionsÂ*

    On Friday, Oklahoma governor Mary Fallin signed a bill that allows the state to execute inmates using nitrogen gas in the event that traditional lethal injection drugs are unavailable. The use of nitrogen gas, which induces hypoxia, has never been tested on humans, but supporters maintain that the method is both humane and painless.

    Fallin said in a statement:

    “Oklahoma executes murderers whose crimes are especially heinous. I support that policy, and I believe capital punishment must be performed effectively and without cruelty. The bill I signed today gives the state of Oklahoma another death penalty option that meets that standard.”

    The AP notes that executions in the state are currently on hold while the Supreme Court determines whether or not their “three-drug method of lethal injection is constitutional.” The bill essentially gives Oklahoma method to execute death row inmates while the state’s preferred method is suspended.

    Oklahoma’s three-drug method of execution came under fire following the 2014 botched execution of Clayton Lockett. Lockett was administered an untested mixture of drugs that included a sedative. The state tried to halt the execution when he began writhing and moaning. Lockett died 43 minutes later.

    Via the AP:
    The problematic execution was blamed on a poorly placed intravenous line and prompted a lawsuit from Oklahoma death-row inmates, who argue that the state’s new drug combination presents a serious risk of pain and suffering. The US supreme court is scheduled to hear arguments later this month.

    Under the new law, lethal injection would remain the state’s first choice for executions and nitrogen gas would be its first backup method [...]

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    I try to stay out of capital punishment threads for obvious reasons but that whole story makes me ill. How could they stand there and watch someone dying for 43 minutes? Barbaric.
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    What's barbaric are the crimes they committed to be sent to death row. I have no problems with painful executions, in fact I'd prefer it.
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    I'd prefer they languish in prison for the rest of their lives. It's cheaper, and is actual punishment, IMO. Killing them means it is all over for them.
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    If you hang someone properly, they are dead in 1/100 of a second. And there are no consumables either. Even the rope is reusable.

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    reading this after the other thread WCG has posted makes me sick.

    "Report: FBI Overstated Forensic Evidence In More Than 200 Trials

    According to a new report by The Washington Post, the FBI has admitted its examiners gave misleading testimony about forensic hair matches for over two decades, overstating evidence to aid prosecutors in at least 257 criminal trials.

    32 of those trials resulted in death sentences and 14 defendants were either executed or died in prison."
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