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Thread: LAPD offer $100,000 reward for arrest of "Teardrop Rapist" after 35 connected attacks

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    Default LAPD offer $100,000 reward for arrest of "Teardrop Rapist" after 35 connected attacks

    LAPD offers $100,000 reward for 'teardrop rapist' who has sexually assaulted 35 women since 1996

    • Man is responsible for 35 attacks on mostly Latino victims as young as 14
    • Is Hispanic, aged 40 to 55, has brown hair and eyes, and a light skin tone
    • May also have teardrop-like tattoo or marking close to one of his eyes
    • LAPD warn they have no leads and rapist will attack again if not caught


    Police are offering $100,000 in a fresh appeal for information on the 'teardrop rapist' who they believe has attacked 35 women in LA since 1996Los Angeles police have launched a fresh appeal to help catch the 'teardrop rapist' who they believe has assaulted 35 women as young as 14 since 1996.

    Cops are offering $100,000 for any information about the man - dubbed the teardrop rapist because several of his victims have described a tear-like tattoo or scar near one of his eyes.
    Police say the attacker usually approaches women between 5.15am and 8am along a central corridor that runs through LA, and begins speaking to them before pulling a knife or a gun.
    He then threatens to kill the victims before dragging them into a nearby alley or side street where the assault takes place.
    The last attack was in 2012, but investigators have launched a new appeal because they have exhausted all leads without finding a culprit.
    Officials have warned that the man will likely continue his assaults until he is arrested, as is common with serial offenders.
    Police say the man would now be aged between 40 and 55 years old, is Hispanic with brown eyes and brown hair, standing between 5 feet 2 inches and 5 feet 6 inches tall.
    He weighs between 130lbs and 170lbs, has a light complexion and often sports a mustache.
    He likely has a teardrop tattoo near one eye, though this could be a small collection of tattoos, a birthmark, a scar, or even a temporary tattoo used only during the attacks.



    Hunted: Officers say the man is Hispanic, light skinned, with brown eyes and hair. He may also have one or several teardrops near one of his eyes, or a birthmark or scar resembling a teardrop

    Almost all of his victims have been Latino women, and the attacks usually occurr along a corridor either side of Normandie Avenue that runs from I105 to US 101.
    Some assaults have also occurred in Hollywood, Koreatown and Los Angeles County.
    Police have collected several DNA samples from the victims which point to the same attacker, even though the victims' descriptions often vary greatly.

    The last confirmed attack was in June 2012 when a man fitting the teardrop rapist's description accosted a woman on Naomi Avenue near 25th Street in South L.A.
    He approached her wearing a hoodie, tried to talk to her, then pistol-whipped her and forced her into an alley. When a car pulled into the street he became spooked and ran away.



    Suspect: Some victims have not mentioned the teardrop tattoo, even where DNA has proved the attacker to be the same man. Police say the tattoo could be a temporary one, or may have been removed

    He speaks Spanish and English and sometimes wears a beanie cap or baseball hat. Many of his victims have been minors, while the eldest was 41.
    Teardrop tattoos are common among Californian Chicano gangs and are widely accepted to mean that the bearer has killed someone.
    However, alternate meanings include that the wearer has served a long prison sentence, or is in mourning for a dead relative.
    Anyone with information was asked to call LAPD’s tip line at 877-527-3247, or to text the word TIPLA, a space, then the tip to 274637, or to


    Police issued this map of the crime scenes, which occur in a corridor around Normandie Avenue. Cops say the attacks happen between 5am and 9am, and the victims are almost always Latino

    Read more: LAPD offers reward for 'teardrop rapist' who has sexually assaulted 35 women since 1996 | Daily Mail Online

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    Ffs, the drawings are so vastly different how is anyone supposed to help?
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    #3 is Sylvester Stallone.

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