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Thread: Prison Guards Made Inmates Fight for Snacks

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    Default Prison Guards Made Inmates Fight for Snacks

    Prison Guards Made Inmates Fight for Snacks

    Three Pennsylvania prison guards were suspended this week for allegedly arranging for inmates to fight each other and get hazed in exchange for snacks.

    Inmates say that in addition to fighting one another for the guards' entertainment, the guards had them to participate in a sort of prison Olympics, competing in events that included:

    • Fighting each other in a closet
    • Drinking a gallon of milk in one hour
    • Taking a punch to the arm without falling
    • Snorting a crushed up candy
    • Drinking a bottle of water with pepper foam in it
    • Eating fruit with the peels still on them
    • Eating a spoonful of cinnamon
    • Being sprayed with pepper foam in the face.

    The prisoners say that in exchange for their participation, they were promised food and coffee that rarely materialized.

    One inmate, who called the activities the "Retard Olympics," said he wrestled other inmates until his air supply was cut off and allowed guards to punch him in exchange for extra coffee and snacks. According to the inmate, he received almost nothing from the guards.

    The guards, David Michael Whitcomb, 28, Mark Andrew Haynes, 26, and Daniel H. Graff, 37, say the allegations are untrue.

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    I wouldn't doubt if this was true. i'm sure some guards get off on this sick power.

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    Disgusting. The prison system needs a complete overhaul.

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    Quote Originally Posted by KrisNine View Post
    Disgusting. The prison system needs a complete overhaul.
    So do Congress and the Senate, but that's another thread

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    Jesus Christ, WTF is this shit? It's straight out of Harlan Ellison.

    Just looked it up and Pennsylvania has 23 countries that use for-profit jails and prisons (a company called PrimeCare.) They have had quite a few scandals with them, but they continue. I can't find out if York County Prison is one of those or not. Doesn't matter since the for-profits have lobbyists who have whittled down the inspections of these facilities, profit or not, to next to nothing.
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