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Thread: Ghost Busting Penis Man Arrested

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    Default Ghost Busting Penis Man Arrested

    Ghost-Busting Penis’ Gets Guangdong Man Arrested
    You’ve heard of haunted houses, demonic possessions, and poltergeists. But a haunted vagina?

    For Jianjun Huang, the only answer to such a problem involved his tool down under, which he claimed had ghostbusting powers.
    The unnamed woman who filed a complaint after the “exorcising” incident claimed that she had sought help from the self-proclaimed “ghostbuster” to seduce her boss, with whom she had been infatuated.
    The service turned out to be something beyond a rip-off: a surprising offer for him to use his penis to drive the ghosts from her vagina. These ghosts, he claimed, kept her boss from falling for her.
    After authorities arrested Mr. Huang, he asserted that he could no longer sustain an erection because he was diabetic.
    Later on, Huang’s then lover, Ami Angelowicz, ended her relationship with him, sending him a letter expressing her anger. The letter read: “Huang, you have crossed the line. You are a sick [expletive].”
    So there you go, ladies. The last tool you’ll ever need for any exorcising ritual is someone else’s penis on “ghostbuster” mode.

    'Ghost-Busting Penis' Gets Guangdong Man Arrested
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    hey, at least he wasn't trying to exorcise her anal ghosts.
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