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Thread: US man confesses to killing in video

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    Default US man confesses to killing in video

    US man confesses to killing in video
    Last updated 21 minutes ago

    Matthew Cordle said he would plead guilty to any charges related to the death of Vincent Canzani
    A US man has posted an online video confession in which he admits killing a man in a drink-driving accident.

    In the US state of Ohio, Matthew Cordle, 22, said he accepted "full responsibility" for the death of Navy veteran Vincent Canzani, 61.

    Prosecutor Ron O'Brien said Mr Cordle had been a suspect in the June crash but had not been charged.

    Mr O'Brien said he would use the video as evidence to charge Mr Cordle with aggravated vehicular homicide.

    The charge carries a maximum eight-year prison sentence.

    "It's the most compelling video I think I have seen," Mr O'Brien told the Columbus Dispatch newspaper. "He strikes me as remorseful and sincere."

    The video, posted to non-profit website and directly on YouTube, begins with Mr Cordle's face blurred and his voice disguised.

    He describes how after a night of drinking he drove the wrong direction on a motorway and struck Canzani's vehicle.

    Canzani, who lived in Gahanna, Ohio, was a Navy submarine veteran and the father of two daughters, the Dispatch reported.

    Mr Cordle's blood sample from the night of the crash tested positive for alcohol and negative for drugs, prosecutors said.

    In the video, Mr Cordle said some lawyers were "convinced they could get my blood test thrown out, and all I would have to do for that is lie".

    "I won't go down that path," Mr Cordle says, before his face is revealed and he identifies himself. "I won't dishonour Vincent's memory by lying about what happened."

    The Columbus resident says he made the video to discourage others from driving after drinking.

    "I will take that sentence for just one reason, and that reason is so I can pass this message on to you," he says towards the end of the three-and-a-half minute video.

    "I beg you, and I say the word beg specifically, I'm begging you, please don't drink and drive. Don't make the same excuses that I did."

    His lawyer George Breitmayer said the video was "a strong testament" to Mr Cordle's character and that he intended to co-operate with prosecutors.

    BBC 2013

    BBC News - Ohio man confesses to drink-driving death in online video
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    My lord. An honorable man. He takes it on the chin. I hope his message works.
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    Good for him. And SHAME on his attorney wanting him to lie.. fuckers!
    Kill him.
    Kill her.
    Kill It.
    Kill everything... that IS the solution!
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    Wow. That's impressive.
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    Matthew Cordle, confessed DUI driver in viral video, gets 6½ years -

    Matthew Cordle, confessed DUI driver in viral video, gets 6 1/2 years
    By Kisa Mlela Santiago,
    updated 1:38 PM EDT, Wed October 23, 2013

    (CNN) -- The Ohio man who confessed in a viral video that he killed a man while driving drunk was sentenced Wednesday to six-and-a-half years in prison and a lifetime suspension of his driver's license.

    Dressed in a green prison uniform, 22-year-old Matthew Cordle addressed the Columbus, Ohio, courtroom before Judge David Fais handed down his sentence.

    "Whatever my sentence may be, the true punishment is living," Cordle said.

    He was also ordered to pay court costs and a $1,075 fine.
    Drunk driving confession goes viral
    DUI confession message: Don't be like me

    Cordle pleaded guilty in September to aggravated vehicular homicide and operating a vehicle while impaired. He made headlines when he posted a YouTube video on September 3 confessing to driving while drunk and killing 61-year old Vincent Canzani on June 22. Several days after the video appeared online, Cordle surrendered to authorities and was charged for his involvement in the wrong-way crash.

    Cordle told a judge at a September hearing that he did not remember the night of June 22 because he "blacked out" from drinking too much. He also told the judge that he had not had any alcohol since the night of the accident, and that he had attended a two-week alcohol rehabilitation program.

    Wednesday morning, Cordle's confession video was played in the courtroom. Fais said he felt it would be beneficial for the video to be viewed because it was about "more than Mr. Cordle." He said it was about society and the "epidemic" of drugs and alcohol problems he sees in his courtroom.

    After the video was viewed, the judge read two letters aloud. The first was from the victim's ex-wife, Cheryl Canzani Oates. In her letter, Oates said her former husband would not want to see two lives lost as a result of this incident. She said she didn't believe Canzani would want to see Cordle receive the maximum sentence and that she believes Cordle was "sincere in admitting he was sorry" that he took another man's life.

    "Nothing will bring Vincent back," Oates said in the letter. "I know what pain Matthew feels. The pain will stay with him until his death."

    The second letter was from Herald Dennis, Jr., who survived what's called the nation's worst drunken driving crash in the spring of 1988 in Carrollton, Kentucky. Dennis said he lost several friends and suffered third-degree burns on his body "as a result of one man's decision to drive drunk." In his letter, Dennis said he has waited 25 years for a "simple acknowledgment or remorse" from the man who caused his accident. Dennis said Cordle showed "courage to surrender and take responsibility for his actions and show contrition to the family of his victim."

    Rising to speak on behalf of her father was the victim's daughter, Angela Canzani. Addressing the video, she said, "I've heard about a message. The message we don't want to hear is that if you hit and kill someone -- and admit to it -- you get away with it."

    "My father got a death sentence. Eight-and-a-half years is nothing," she told the judge, referring to the maximum sentence Cordle could have received. "After eight-and-a-half years, Matthew Cordle will have his life back -- my father is never coming back."

    Cordle was the last to speak at the hearing. He offered another apology to the victim's family.

    "It should have been me instead of an innocent man. I vow that I'll do everything I can to prevent it from happening again and his memory from fading."

    Matthew Cordle, confessed DUI driver in viral video, gets 6½ years -

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