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Thread: Shooting at Santa Monica College

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    Default Shooting at Santa Monica College

    Santa Monica shooting: Gunman in college killing spree was former student

    Tribune staff and wire reports5:39 p.m. CDT, June 8, 2013

    SANTA MONICA, Calif.—
    The gunman who killed four people during a shooting rampage in Santa Monica before he was slain by police at a community college was once a student there and had a brush with the law several years ago as a teenager, police said on Saturday.

    Santa Monica Police Chief Jacqueline Seabrooks also revealed that several students at the college survived Friday's shooting spree by hiding in an interior room of the library and stacking heavy objects against the door as the gunman fired through the walls at them.

    Seabrooks detailed how the gunman, after killing two people identified by a law enforcement source as his father and brother and apparently setting their house on fire, went on to carjack a woman's automobile, ordering her at gunpoint to drive him from place to place as he fired at other individuals.

    That woman escaped unharmed, police said.

    But two other people died - one of them a college employee shot while driving a sport utility vehicle in a school parking lot, and the other a woman gunned down outside the library at Santa Monica College.

    A second woman who was a passenger in the SUV was gravely wounded, and Seabrooks described her prognosis on Saturday as "grim."

    Authorities have disclosed little about the gunman or his motives.

    Seabrooks said the suspect would have turned 24 on Saturday, but she declined to reveal his identity, saying authorities wanted first to notify members of his family who were out of the country. The Los Angeles Times cited several law enforcement sources in Washington, D.C., and Los Angeles in identifying the gunman as John Zawahri.

    Seabrooks said the gunman was enrolled in the college, possibly along with a family member, as recently as 2010, and she cited a previous instance in which he had "contact" with law enforcement as a juvenile in 2006. But she declined to elaborate.

    The Los Angeles County coroner's department identified one of the four dead as Carlos Navarro Franco, 68, of west Los Angeles. He was the SUV driver shot in a staff parking lot at the college.


    Police say the carnage began shortly before noon when they received reports of gunshots at a house east of the college and arrived find it engulfed in flames and two people dead inside.

    By then, the gunman had fled the scene and commandeered the car of a woman whom he forced to drive across town, getting out at one point to open fire at a city bus, wounding three people, and again at the college parking lot to shoot Franco and his passenger in an SUV.

    Dressed all in black and wearing a ballistic vest, he walked onto the campus carrying an assault-style rifle and a bag filled with multiple ammunition magazines, a handgun and other firearms gear, Seabrooks said.

    He exchanged shots with police who confronted him outside the library, where he fatally shot a woman bystander, then entered the library and continued to fire away inside as three officers pursued him and ultimately shot him dead, Seabrooks said.

    Several library patrons took shelter in a study room when they saw the gunman approaching, and Seabrooks said, "It's miraculous that those individuals were not physically injured."

    The killing spree marked the latest in string of high-profile mass shootings, including a December attack in Connecticut that killed 20 children and six adults at an elementary school and a shooting last July at a suburban Denver movie theater that left 12 people dead.

    Those attacks have helped reignite a national debate over gun violence in America that spurred Obama and his fellow Democrats to push for expanded background checks for gun buyers - an initiative defeated in the U.S. Senate.
    Reuters and The Los Angeles Times contributed to this report.,323148.story
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    I heard about this Friday but the media was in such a clusterfuck and reporting different things, sounded like nobody could find any facts so they were reporting speculation.

    Now, hearing the details, I just think the same thing every time I hear a story like this. What the fuck is wrong with people who take out innocent bystanders?
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    Another one? WTF is wrong with people?

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    Santa Monica mass murderer John Zawahri’s family had dark history of violence

    ‘If I had a gun, it would be over,’ Zawahri’s father allegedly screamed at his wife in a fit of rage. Samir Zawahri also hit his wife and threatened to take the children, according to his wife’s restraining order request.


    MONDAY, JUNE 10, 2013, 3:47 PM


    The suspect enters the Santa Monica College Library, continuing a rampage that left five victims dead on Friday. In one encounter, John Zawahri’s father pulled his wife’s hair and punched her with a closed fist, according to her statement.

    The twisted mass shooter whose bloody rampage claimed five victims in Santa Monica came from a home with a disturbing history of violence.

    The father of mass murderer John Zawahri went berserk when his marriage crumbled in 1998 and made chilling threats to kill his wife and kids, court paperwork obtained by The Daily News reveals.

    "If I had a gun, it would be over," Samir Zawahri screamed at his wife, Randa Abdou, during a workplace confrontation on April 26, 1998, Abdou recalled in a request for a restraining order filed five days later.

    Samir, 55, and his son Christopher Zawahri, 25, died Friday at the hands of John, who was one day shy of turning 24. Abdou was out of town on a vacation visiting relatives, a neighbor told The News.

    According to Randa Abdou’s statement, Samir once collected their two children from school and threatened that neither would ever see them again.

    It's still not clear exactly why John killed his father and older brother in the family home before leaving the residence in flames and taking his terrifying shooting spree to the streets. He died in a gun battle with police after mowing down his five victims in less than 15 minutes.

    The family’s domestic troubles, however, are well-documented in Abdou’s 1998 restraining order request. She said Samir was waiting for her when she drove up to her restaurant workplace with a male friend in the passenger seat that day.

    "The defendant seemed very angry," the petite waitress and mother of two said in her court petition. "The defendant got into my car in the passenger seat and pulled my hair and punched me twice in the arm with a closed fist."

    Weapons recovered from Santa Monica College are displayed during a news conference held by Santa Monica Police on Saturday. The restraining order was granted on the basis of Abdou’s statement, but she dismissed the petition a few weeks later.

    She said Samir also grabbed her arm, "wrenched" three bracelets off her wrist, came around to the other side of the car, and grabbed and pulled her hair again.

    He then took her purse and the divorce papers she had begun filling out and demanded that she follow him back to his house, according to her statement.

    The friend who had fled the scene minutes earlier alerted police, she said, and Samir fled the scene shortly before cops arrived.

    "I am afraid that the defendant may do something drastic because he seems to become increasingly angry and frustrated over our separation," Abdou told the court of her husband.

    A few days later on April 30, Samir purportedly showed up at Abdou's apartment and threatened to take the couple's two sons, then 8 and 10, to Canada.

    "The defendant said that he would do anything to make my life miserable and that he could kill me and no restraining order can stop him," Abdou said in her filing.

    Read more: Santa Monica mass murderer John Zawahri
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    Quote Originally Posted by Beeyotch View Post
    I heard about this Friday but the media was in such a clusterfuck and reporting different things, sounded like nobody could find any facts so they were reporting speculation.

    Now, hearing the details, I just think the same thing every time I hear a story like this. What the fuck is wrong with people who take out innocent bystanders?
    No kidding about the clusterfuck. They had 7 people dead, more injured, one dead gunman, a possible suspect in custody. All this nonsense reporting because they want to be first, in case the info is right.

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