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Thread: High-powered gun fan (who "would have stopped the Aurora massacre") found shot

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    Default High-powered gun fan (who "would have stopped the Aurora massacre") found shot

    Keith Ratliff Dead: FPSRussia YouTube Channel Producer Shot In Apparent Homicide, Georgia Police Say

    Keith Ratliff Dead: FPSRussia YouTube Channel Producer Shot In Apparent Homicide, Georgia Police Say

    A producer behind a popular gun enthusiast YouTube channel was found dead with a single gunshot wound to the head at his business last week.
    Police in Georgia are investigating the apparent homicide of Keith Ratliff, a 32-year-old Franklin County resident.
    "It's really heartbreaking, and everything I see, or any kind of memorable thing -- I mean, I just break down," Amanda Ratliff, the victim's wife, told MyFoxAtlanta. "He had such a life to live, and such a good life to live, and things to look forward to."
    Authorities found multiple weapons at the scene of the crime, some manufactured by Ratliff himself, WSBTV reports. Investigators have not identified a motive.
    Ratliff worked mostly behind the scenes to produce videos for the YouTube channelFPSRussia, a site dedicated to showcasing high-power firearms. FPSRussia -- which commands nearly 3.5 million subscribers and has generated over 500 million page views -- is one of the top 10 channels ranked on YouTube.
    In addition to his contributions to FPSRussia, Ratliff also worked for FPS Industries, a company focussing on "product development and testing for hard use firearms shooters," according to its website. FPS Industries is located in Carnesville, Ga.
    Ratliff was known as an outspoken gun advocate. In a message posted to Twitter on Aug 11, 2012, he wrote: "I went to the movies with my pistol in my pocket the whole time I was praying that somebody would try to pull a Batman!"

    He went on to say, from the Great Beyond, "Just don't pull a Batman at my business."

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    I'm sorry, but we were just discussing stuff like this the other day: most of the lone crazed gunmen who do these mass shootings choose places where they know they won't get much of a fight back; where there are mostly unarmed people (schools, universities, movie theaters). What they should actually do is have a rampage at a gun show or whatever the hell it is called where they show and sell guns? Let all these gun fanatics get in a shootout with each other. That would sure clean up a lot of idiots in one go.
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    so much for that 'if only he'd had a gun, he would have been able to defend himself' bullshit gun enthusiasts are always queefing out.
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    I laughed. *gets bus to hell*
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    ^I'm grabbing the seat right next to yours!
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    'Try to pull a Batman'? He does realise that James Holmes isn't Batman, right?
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    It's not funny but it is. I'm a responsible driver, I could drive or navigate the bus to hell.

    Come on, let's have lots of drinks.

    Fuck you all, I'm going viral.

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