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Thread: Cops see you littering? Get ready for a full-body cavity search (roadside)

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    Default Cops see you littering? Get ready for a full-body cavity search (roadside)

    I just read about this story tonight, and then saw the YouTube video. I couldn't believe my freaking eyes. It's a roadside sexual assault.
    Cops see you littering? Get ready for a full-body cavity search

    Angel and Ashley Dobbs sue Texas State Troopers over public body cavity search

    When Angel Dobbs and her niece Ashley were stopped for littering, they didn't expect their evening to end with a full-body cavity search on the side of a busy Texas highway. Trooper David Ferrell said he smelled marijuana, asked the women to step out of the car and despite their repeated denials of smoking pot he called a female officer to "check a bit more." The officer "[touched] their anus and vaginas" without changing gloves and didn't ask the women for their consent. "I've never been so humiliated or so violated," Angel Dobbs said." The women are suing Texas State Troopers and the director of the Department of Public Safety for the unconstitutional search. [Source]

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    I almost posted this story earlier today from the Daily Mail when I was reading about that asshole who who tried to rape a one-year-old baby. And I just couldn't deal with either story, actually. And these cops think no one can touch them (probably a bad turn of phrase) for doing shit like this since they never have malfunctioning dashboard cams when this kind of stuff goes down. These girls are suing, but I would be curious if a criminal case could be brought up against the cops, because that is definitely roadside sexual assault. I mean the female cop is supposed to stop stuff like this from happening, I thought. I guess that doesn't work.
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    omg! she didn't change the glove, from one woman to the other (I thought it meant - when I read it, she didn't change glove when going from their anus to their vagina) but using the same glove from one woman to the other? wtf and f?

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    This is all over our news here and eveyone is disgusted by it. NO this is not normal. They are also asking any other women that have been subjected to this outrage to come forward. This must have happened before and right here.
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    I can't get my head around this. Too fucked up.

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    this is disgusting.
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