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Thread: Indianapolis explosion now a homicide probe, officials say

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    Default Indianapolis explosion now a homicide probe, officials say

    (CNN) -- The explosion that killed two people and hurt seven in an Indianapolis subdivision is now the subject of a homicide probe, authorities announced Monday.

    Police want to know about a white van seen in the neighborhood before the November 10 blast that leveled several homes, Marion County Prosecutor Terry Curry said. Neither Curry nor other investigators released any more details on the matter, saying only that a "parallel investigation" had been going on while they were trying to figure out the cause of the explosion.

    "At this point, we are here to inform you that we are turning this into a criminal homicide investigation," Gary Coons, the city's homeland security chief, told reporters. The officials took no questions after the Monday evening announcement but asked the public to come forward with any information about the van and its occupants.

    The news came the same day that the couple killed in the blast, John Dion Longworth and Jennifer Longworth, were buried. Indianapolis Mayor Greg Ballard said he attended the funeral Mass, and "I could not even imagine what the families are going through."

    "But there is a secular side to this," Ballard said. "There is a search for truth, and there is a search for justice."

    The late-night blast destroyed several homes and severely damaged more than 30, investigators said. At one point, 60 to 70 firefighters fought the resulting fires.

    The local Crime Stoppers organization has offered a $1,000 reward for information leading to an arrest, and the federal Bureau of Alcohol, Tobacco, Firearms and Explosives has offered $10,000 for information leading to an arrest and conviction, Curry said.
    Indianapolis explosion now a homicide probe, officials say -

    Part of an article from The Chicago Tribune:

    Officials have said they believe natural gas was involved in the explosion, which destroyed five homes and left dozens damaged, some heavily. Investigators have been focusing on appliances as they search for a cause of the explosion, which caused an estimated $4.4 million in damage.

    “We thought something like this was not just an accident,” said Doug Aldridge, who heads the neighborhood Crime Watch.

    Aldridge said he and other residents frequently saw a white van parked outside the home, though he didn't know who owned it. He said residents were angry and upset, but he expects most of them to stay in the neighborhood.

    “It's surprising that it finally came to that. Everyone had their suspicions,” Chris Sutton, who lives a street away from the blast site, said after attending Monday night's meeting.

    “It's kind of scary that someone might set off a gas explosion,” he added. “It's really scary.”

    Hundreds of people attended the funerals earlier Monday for the couple killed in the explosion, 34-year-old John Dion Longworth and 36-year-old Jennifer Longworth. She was a teacher remembered for knitting gifts for her students, while her husband, an electronics expert, was known as a gardener and nature lover.

    Indianapolis Mayor Greg Ballard spoke at the news conference and said he went to the Longworths' funeral and had a hard time coming to peace with what had happened.

    “There is a search for truth and there is a search for justice,” Ballard said.

    The couple lived next door to the house where investigators are focusing. The co-owner of that house, John Shirley, told The Associated Press he had received a text message from his daughter recently saying the furnace in the home, which she shares with her mother and her mother's boyfriend, had gone out.

    Shirley's ex-wife, Monserrate Shirley, said her boyfriend, Mark Leonard, had replaced the thermostat recently and the furnace had resumed working.

    The couple was away at a casino at the time of the blast. The daughter was staying with a friend, and the family's cat was being boarded.

    Monserrate Shirley's attorney, Randall Cable, declined comment on the announcement Monday evening.
    Indianapolis explosion: Fatal Indianapolis explosion, fire now a homicide investigation -

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    Holy heck; I had no idea that the absence of a pilot light could cause this:

    source: RTV6 - Indianapolis Explosion -- Latest Info from RTV6

    No wonder Australian water heaters have to be outside the house.
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    Meth lab blow up?

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    No. Natural gas.
    As Canadian as possible under the circumstances


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    INDIANAPOLIS (WISH/WANE) - WISH-TV in Indianapolis is reporting that two people have been taken into custody in connection to the south side explosion that killed two people on Nov. 10.

    The Indianapolis Star is reporting that officials havesaid they suspect gas was intentionally released into the home at the epicenter of the explosion; they said a spark caused the initial explosion that subsequently caused a chain of explosions.

    A second source also told The Indianapolis Star that remote detonation is now the leading theory of how the blast was set off.

    It wasn't immediately clear who was taken into custody and whether they'll ultimately be arrested or charged. The people were taken into custody at a mobile home community on the southwest side of Indianapolis. When Chopper 8 flew over the scene, officers could be seen taking items from the home.

    Dozens of home in Richmond Hill were damaged when the explosion hit the neighborhood. On Monday, police and the Marion County Prosecutor's office said they were looking into the explosion as a homicide investigation.

    After the statement from investigators, residents of the home at the center of the explosion released a statement reacting to the turn in the investigation.

    Check back for updates on this developing story.
    Sources: 2 in custody in connection to explosion

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    Lemme guess, the ex-wife and new boyfriend.
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    Default 3 charged with murder in deadly Indianapolis home explosion

    INDIANAPOLIS -- A homeowner, her boyfriend and the boyfriend's brother have been charged with murder in connection with a house explosion in Indianapolis that killed two people, destroyed five homes and damaged dozens more, a prosecutor said Friday.

    Monserrate Shirley, Mark Leonard and Bob Leonard were arrested Friday and charged with felony murder in the Nov. 10 blast, Marion County prosecutor Terry Curry said at a news conference in c. John Dion Longworth, 34, and his 36-year-old wife Jennifer Longworth, died in the explosion.

    The blast destroyed five houses including the Longworths' home located next door to Shirley's home in the Richmond Hill subdivision on the city's far south side. The late-night explosion, which was heard from miles away, damaged about 90 more homes and sent residents fleeing, some in their pajamas.

    "We have to acknowledge that we are helpless to alleviate the pain and anguish of such innocent victims and their families," Curry said. "However, what we as a public safety community can do and must do is devote our best efforts to see that justice is served on behalf of those victims. As with any matter filed by our office, we are absolutely committed to see that justice is done on behalf of all who have been victimized by the Richmond Hill explosion."

    Officials ordered the demolition of 33 homes of the mostly heavily damaged homes and say the blast caused an estimated $4.4 million in damage.

    On Nov. 19, authorities launched a homicide investigation into the blast after city arson investigators, along with agents from the Bureau of Alcohol, Tobacco, Firearms and Explosives, concluded it was not an accident.

    Officials said they believed the explosion was intentional and caused by natural gas, but released no other details. Federal authorities are offering a $10,000 reward for information in the case. Authorities told Fox 59 in Indianapolis that the home was filled with natural gas for six to eight hours prior to the explosion. Investigators believe a microwave, which can be set on a timer, was the source of ignition, stating it "exploded from the inside out."

    Attorney Randall Cables has said Shirley and Leonard were away at a southern Indiana casino when the explosion happened. Shirley's daughter was staying with a friend, and the family's cat was being boarded.

    Shirley has said Leonard had replaced the thermostat and that the furnace was working. Cable has said the daughter told her mother she had smelled an odd odor in recent weeks, but they hadn't reported it.

    John Longworth was an electronics expert and his wife was a second-grade teacher.

    Curry also said that Shirley and Leonard attempted to cause damage to their home the weekend prior to the explosion but their attempt failed. Curry stated their actions the weekend before mirrored the actions taken the weekend of Nov. 10, including going to a casino for the night, boarding their pet cat and leaving their daughter at a babysitter’s house.
    Indianapolis house explosion murder -

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    This looks like a LOT of damning evidence:
    RTV6 - Monserrate Shirley, Mark Leonard, Robert Leonard arrested in deadly Indianapolis home explosion - Local Story

    In a news conference late Friday morning, Marion County Prosecutor Terry Curry said the source of the blast was a microwave oven and detailed what is included in the probable cause affidavit.
    "The microwave oven … had exploded from inside out," Curry said. "The microwave oven was the point of ignition."
    Additionally, a natural gas step-down valve into the home had been removed and a gas valve in the fireplace was missing.
    Without the valve, investigators said, it took six to nine hours for the house to fill with gas to reach the combustibility to cause an explosion.
    "The flow of gas at that volume would have occurred beginning mid- to late afternoon to reach the volume of the explosion that happened at 11 p.m.," Curry said.
    Curry said Bob Leonard and Mark Leonard told investigators that they had last seen each other Tuesday before explosion, but investigators have surveillance video showing they were together Thursday and Friday.
    On Friday, prosecutors said, both talked with a Citizens Energy employee, asking that person about gas and the difference between propane and natural gas.
    On the day of the explosion, "a resident of Richmond Hill saw a white van … pull into the driveway of the residence between 2 and 3 p.m.," Curry said.
    The men were in the home briefly and hurriedly left, investigators determined, and Bob Leonard's son said several items were in the van that had been taken from the home, including photos and financial documents.

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