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Thread: Cop Beats Up 115-lb Bartender, Chicago Cops' "Code of Silence" Still Alive and Well

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    Default Cop Beats Up 115-lb Bartender, Chicago Cops' "Code of Silence" Still Alive and Well

    Cop in ‘danger’ in bar brawl?

    BY KIM JANSSEN Federal Courts Reporter October 22, 2012 7:50PM

    Anthony Abbate leaves the Dirksen Federal Building after taking the stand in a federal lawsuit accusing him of trying to cover up beating of bartender Karolina Obrycka. | Rich Hein~Sun-Times

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    Updated: October 23, 2012 2:11AM

    It is the shocking barroom beating video that cost Officer Anthony Abbate his job — and gave the Chicago Police Department a black eye when it was seen around the world.
    But three years after he was convicted of the brutal drunken attack on a barmaid less than half his weight, Abbate on Monday took to the stand in federal court and again insisted he was acting in self-defense when he repeatedly kicked and punched Karolina Obrycka at a Northwest Side tavern on Feb 19, 2007.

    Asked if the beating was “just a fight between two people,” as he’d previously sworn, the bearded, 265-pound Bluto lookalike said “yes,” insisting he could remember almost nothing of the incident but reaffirming his previous claim that he was “in physical danger” from the 115-pound barmaid.
    The former cop was testifying on the first day of a jury trial in a lawsuit brought by Obrycka, who alleges that Abbate and his fellow officers conspired to cover-up the crime under a blue “code of silence” that stretched from the street to the very top of the police department.
    That conspiracy included Deborah Kirby — head of the police department’s Internal Affairs Division at the time but currently serving as the chief of International Relations — Obrycka’s attorney Terry Ekl charged in his opening statement.
    “There is and was in 2007 a code of silence in the Chicago Police Department,” Ekl said, alleging that though Kirby’s job was to root out bad cops, she instead “orchestrated a series of events to ensure that Abbate would not be charged with a felony” and acted to ensure “that any misdemeanor case would be dropped.”
    Lawyers for Abbate and the city admit Abbate’s actions were inexcusable but deny a cover-up. They argue that Abbate’s eventual felony conviction and firing shows that the system works.
    “This case is not about Chicago Police Department policies and procedures — it’s about a guy who got drunk, sang songs, messed with other customers and beat up Karolina Obrycka,” said the city’s attorney, Matthew Hurd.
    As the trial began Monday, the courtroom lights were dimmed so that jurors could watch clips from the infamous security camera footage. It shows a loutish, off-duty Abbate attack two friends inside Jesse’s Short Stop Inn, show off his muscles while boasting that he is “CPD,” then he goes behind the bar and savagely beat Obrycka, telling her “No one tells me what to do.”
    Obrycka’s attorneys then showed the jury a list of more than 150 phone calls between Abbate, his friends and fellow officers in the hours that followed, saying they were evidence of a coordinated cover-up.
    As part of the cover-up, Ekl alleged, Abbate’s pal Gary Ortiz told Obrycka that Abbate would pay her medical expenses and for any time off she needed. Ekl also alleged that Patti Chiriboga — another barmaid who was friends with Abbate — was taped saying Abbate had threatened to arrest bar staff and patrons for DUI or plant cocaine on them unless they handed over the security video.
    As the cover-up spread to the Internal Affairs Division, Ekl alleged, Kirby downplayed the seriousness of the incident, directed her investigators to charge Abbate with only a misdemeanor, and to keep the date of Abbate’s court appearance from Obrycka so that the charge would be dropped.
    But Hurd said Abbate had blacked out and was simply trying to reconstruct what he’d done when he made the calls after the beating. And Abbate’s attorney Michael Malatesta said the offer of cash to Obrycka was “nice,” adding that Chiriboga will testify she was lying about the threats Abbate allegedly passed on through her.
    Hurd insisted that Kirby had pushed for felony charges all along but that it was up to the Cook County state’s attorney to decide whether to do so.
    The charges were eventually upgraded to a felony only after the video was released to the media, sparking the widespread outrage that helped end Supt. Phil Cline’s police career.
    Abbate’s testimony is due to continue when the trial resumes Tuesday.

    Bartender Beaten by Chicago Cop Takes Witness Stand

    National expert on police misconduct says code of silence was "alive and well" in the CPD

    By Natalie Martinez

    | Monday, Oct 29, 2012 | Updated 10:04 PM CDT

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    Photos and Videos

    Beating Caught on Tape

    More Photos and Videos

    The bartender who endured a brutal attack by an off-duty Chicago police officer took the stand Monday in the civil trial against the city and its police department.
    Karolina Obrycka told jurors that the beating by Anthony Abbate in a northwest side bar in 2007 was so vicious that she thought she would never again see her son.
    She also testified that Abbate told her boss that he would plant drugs on bar workers and give DUIs to the customers if she did not turn over video of the attack.
    "I remember he said, 'Nobody tells me what to do,'" said Obrycka.

    The trial stems from a lawsuit she filed against Chicago and Abbate, who was convicted of aggravated battery in 2009 and sentenced to probation. At issue is whether Abbate and the city are liable for damages to compensate Obrycka for any pain or distress she suffered.

    Obrycka contends the police department and the city invoked a "code of silence" to protect Abbate.

    Also on the stand Monday was a national expert on police misconduct. Lou Reiter said the unofficial code of silence was "alive and well" within the department.
    Abbate last week testified he didn't remember the attack because he was drunk and told the court that he never implored officers to cover up the incident.

    Source: Bartender Beaten by Chicago Cop Takes Witness Stand | NBC Chicago

    The video at the link of the actual beating is awful. 115 pound girl and a 265 pound guy? And this isn't a one off case either.

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    Sorry about the messy article. It looks just fine before you post it, then the formatting goes to hell when it posts. I can only edit my posts about half the time, the rest of the time I get a blank screen.
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    150 phone calls among the cops? Any sane person would know that they were plotting a coverup. Jackasses.
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    Definite cover up. There are bad cops in every department, in every county, state, etc. I know from shit that's happened to my brothers - one literally hog tied by 5 constables who then proceeded to beat the shit out of him on the side of the road and THEN charge HIM with assaulting them and arrest him & his girlfriend for no reason at all. One brother tazed 14 times in 4 minutes, choked unconscious... one in Florida, one in Texas, countless incidents in Louisiana. It's everywhere. Give some assholes a gun and a badge and then let them loose on the public.
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    I've seen that brutal video on the news so many times, and it's unbelievable that the bartender was able to get up afterwards. I don't know how any human being could see what that animal did and do ANYTHING to help him out. Piece of shit certainly wasn't worth anyone putting their career on the line. I hope every single person who helped cover it up pays with their job.
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    Quote Originally Posted by Mel1973 View Post
    Give some assholes a gun and a badge and then let them loose on the public.
    Here's a video where that didn't work out too well.

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    What a fucking pig. Glad he got fired and convicted--at least the system's not totally broken, though clearly Chicago corruption will never entirely die. The "Bluto lookalike" remark did make me laugh, though. Man, he's ugly as well as disgusting. You know, it doesn't help to raise and improve and refine your hiring standards again and again and again, add huge psych tests, year-long backgrounds and polygraphs and what-have-you...if you're just gonna let nepotism override everything else. Because I bet you that's how this POS got his job. Can't prove it, but....
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