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Thread: Police forensics examine missing ABC staffer Jill Meagher's flat after purse found

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    Default Police forensics examine missing ABC staffer Jill Meagher's flat after purse found

    Police forensics examine missing ABC staffer Jill Meagher's apartment amid claims her handbag was planted as decoy

    • Erin Marie, Wayne Flower
    • From: Herald Sun
    • September 25, 2012 4:03PM

    Cookies must be enabled | Herald Sun

    At 6.15pm, two Homicide Squad detectives arrived at the Lux Way apartment Ms Meagher shared with husband Tom Meagher.

    A tired looking Mr Meagher answered the door before disappearing to an upstairs apartment.

    Detectives then appeared to make a trip down to the basement carpark of the apartment complex.

    Twenty-five minutes later, at 6.40pm, a detective returned to his vehicle to collect large brown paper bags.

    At 7pm, two more members of the homicide squad arrived at the apartment block, entering the carpark in an unmarked car.* They entered the apartment in forensic suits and were carrying a blue Esky and other evidence collection material.

    Ar 8.20pm, homicide squad detectives left. They were seen carrying large brown paper bags and two small boxes.

    Police have now revealed that Ms Meagher was recorded on CCTV in the early hours of Saturday morning.

    Homicide squad detectives said the footage shows her walking north along Sydney Rd, Brunswick, just south of Hope Street, at 1.41am.

    It was in a laneway off Hope St that her handbag was found by a passerby.

    Ms Meagher was reported missing on Saturday morning after she failed to return home from a night out.

    She was last seen leaving Bar Etiquette on Sydney Rd, Brunswick around 1.30am on Saturday and her handbag was found n a laneway off Hope Street on Monday morning.

    “Police are still trying to ascertain whether the handbag was missed by police in the initial search or whether it was placed there after the initial search,” spokeswoman Sharon Darcy said.

    Detectives and forensic officers also conducted a search today of her home address on nearby Lux Way “as part of routine enquiries.”

    "Investigators are appealing for anyone with information or who may have seen GIllian in this vicinity to contact police and in particular would like to speak to anyone who may have spoken to Gillian at Bar Etiquette or Brunswick Green in the early hours of Saturday morning,” spokeswoman Sharon Darcy said.

    Ms Meagher is described as being of a fair complexion, 165cm tall, slim build, long curly black hair and brown eyes.

    She was wearing a blue dress, black jacket, black patterned stockings and high heels.

    Jill's handbag 'may have been planted'

    Earlier, police revealed they were investigating whether Ms Meagher's handbag - found after an earlier search of the area - had been planted as a decoy to distract the investigation.

    Ms Meagher, 29, failed to arrive home following a five-minute walk from Bar Etiquette to her Lux Way apartment after leaving a friend in Sydney Rd, Brunswick, early Saturday.

    Forensic and homicide detectives leave the apartment in Brunswick after talking to her husband Thomas. Picture: Tony Gough

    Questions about the handbag have emerged as more than 60 calls were made to Crime Stoppers about the disappearance of the Irish-born woman, with other women reporting abduction attempts in the vicinity of where the ABC worker vanished from Melbourne's inner-north.

    Police today are examining the calls prompted by pleas for information about the case.

    Homicide Squad Det-Insp John Potter, who is spearheading the investigation, told the Herald Sun it was odd that a police search of the area on the weekend which "left no stone unturned" had failed to locate the handbag, which police were alerted to early yesterday.

    "On Sunday police conducted a full line search up and around Hope St," he said.

    "There's two options - the original search found nothing and then on Monday the bag was found by a local resident.

    Jill Meagher, 29, was last seen leaving Brunswick's Bar Etiquette about 1.30am on Saturday.

    "You've got to ask which is true."

    He said the bag was found in a "clearly visible" spot on the ground in a laneway off Hope St.

    "We've got to look at the possibility of the bag being placed there late on Sunday or early Monday morning," he said.

    He said the bag's contents had been untouched, except for Ms Meagher's mobile phone which was missing.

    "Her cards and the other contents were still inside. She hasn't accessed the bank or anything like that," he said.

    A detective takes some evidence bags up to Jill Meagher's apartment. Picture: Nicole Garmston

    He said questions raised surrounding the discovery of the bag had prompted investigators to re-examine whether Ms Meagher had even left Sydney Rd in Brunswick the night she disappeared.

    "One would now argue that we don't know for sure if she actually walked up Hope St," he said.

    "We don't know whether she made it that far.

    "We hold grave concerns for Jill's welfare - the fact the bag was discovered so close to home and the fact this disappearance is totally out of character for her."

    Insp Potter said it was now thought that Ms Meagher left Bar Etiquette after 1.30am, and it was unclear whether she left with by herself, with others, or got into a car.

    A homicide detective escorts Thomas Meagher from the underground carpark. Picture: Tony Gough

    No CCTV footage was available from Bar Etiquette, making it harder for police to piece together her night.

    Det-Insp Potter urged any patrons of Bar Etiquette in Sydney Rd to contact Crime Stoppers immediately as they could "hold the key" to establishing a detailed timeline of Ms Meagher's movements before she disappeared.

    CCTV examined as cops probe more kidnap fears

    Insp Potter said police would also continue to review CCTV footage from nearby businesses.

    The spike in reported abductions and kidnappings comes as Ms Meagher's family made desperate pleas for her return.

    Members of the Victoria Police forensic team leaving Jill Meagher's apartment. Picture: Kylie Else

    Ms Meagher's mother, Edith McKeon said her daughter would have fought any attacker.

    "Whoever (has her) just let her go, let her (go)," she said.

    "Even though she's tiny I think she would have fought."

    Insp Potter said police were investigating claims women have been followed by a car in the same area that Ms Meagher disappeared.

    "Some of them (the claims) have not been reported to police and we need those people to contact us," he said.

    Homicide detectives arrive at missing girl Jill Meagher's apartment in Brunswick to talk to her husband Thomas. Picture: Tony Gough

    The calls come as messages of support continue to be posted on a Facebook page dedicated to finding the Irish national. Help us find Jill Meagher has more than 50,000 likes.

    The desperate search for Ms Meagher comes as Victoria Police figures show reported abduction and kidnap offences have skyrocketed in the region, up from 226 in the previous financial year to 291, a rise of 28.8 per cent.

    There were 611 offences recorded in this category in 2011-2012, and 159 of those occurred on the street.

    Police find items of missing womanPolice say they've found items they believe to belong to an ABC radio employee who disappeared in Melbourne.(1:25 / 7.8MB)
    A wave of complaints has also been posted on the Facebook page.

    Official reports show:

    ON June 24, a 34-year old woman reported that she was attacked on Albert St in the early hours.

    ON May 6, a man attempted to abduct a woman as she walked along Mitchell St towards Sydney Rd.

    The man covered the woman's mouth and forced her to the ground but she was able to fight him off. Police believe he threw kerosene in the woman's face before he fled.

    Police arriving at missing woman Jill Meagher's apartment. Picture: Kylie Else

    IN July 2010, a 29-year-old woman walking her dog through Gilpin Park was struck on the head, dragged and thrown to the ground before a man attempted to sexually assault her at knifepoint.*

    This situation sure is a mystery, so weird. I'm curious to see what the police find.
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    I really hope the sonofabastard who grabbed her was recorded on CCTV planting that bag. A nearly 30% rise in kidnap and abduction occurring within the past year for Victoria? World's gone to shit.
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    Too many crazy people out there. Don't know whoever captured was recorded on CCTV though.

    The latest update, police have returned to her apartment for more evidence.

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    Don't you think they suspect the husband? Why keep taking evidence from the apartment? Sounds to me like they think the crime could have been committed there. Idk.
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    I dont know. I was thinking they suspect it's someone that knew her is associated with her disappearance

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    Her Brother must Be going through hell since he last spoke to her.

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    The CCTV is interesting.

    Cookies must be enabled | Herald Sun

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    I don't know anything about this case, but I am marking this because it seems interesting. I hope she is found alive and unharmed.

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    Of course she's dead. And I wouldn't be surprised if her "grieving" husband is involved. How many times do we see this happen?
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    That CCTV is creepy. I thought it might be the husband to start with but it doesn't look like it is now. Poor Jill. I hope they catch that dude in the hoody and see if he's involved.

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    After watching the CCTV - disturbing especially the guy walking by the shop a few times.

    One witness has come forward.
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    They've arrested someone:

    Cookies must be enabled. | The Australian

    VICTORIA Police are expecting to charge a man with the murder and rape of ABC Radio manager Jill Meagher.

    The 41-year-old man from the inner Melbourne suburb of Coburg is understood to have confessed his involvement in a random, opportunistic attack on Ms Meagher in the early hours of Saturday morning.

    His name has not been released.

    Homicide Detective Superintendent Brett Guerin said the man did not know Ms Meagher, who was last seen walking home along a busy Melbourne road in the suburb of Brunswick, north of the CBD, after an evening spent drinking with friends and work.

    Police believe he acted alone.

    Detective Guerin said Ms Meagher's husband Tom and family had been informed of her fate.

    Confirmation that the man would be charged with murder and rape came at about 10:30pm after police spent several hours questioning the suspect at the homicide squad's St Kilda Road headquarters.

    His arrest followed the emergence of further CCTV footage that suggested Ms Meagher may have been followed for several hundred metres along a busy Melbourne road in the final moments before her disappearance at the weekend.

    The new footage, taken from an art store's security camera about 300m from a spot where Ms Meagher was recorded by another camera interacting with a man in a blue hoodie.

    Victoria Police refused to comment on the grainy footage and whether the figures it depicted were Ms Meagher and the man in the blue hoodie shown on CCTV footage taken from a nearby bridal shop.

    Police would also not confirm an earlier News Limited report that additional CCTV footage shows the same unknown man running towards the Irish national.

    There are about 15 visible CCTV cameras between Bar Etiquette in Sydney Road, Brunswick, where Ms Meagher had been drinking, and the bridal shop where she was last seen at 1.43am on Saturday. Police so far have released only the footage from the bridal store camera.

    Before the arrest, police flooded the streets of the inner-Melbourne suburb.

    Ms Meagher's uncle, Michael McKeon, told The Irish Independent prior to confirmation of his niece's death that his family was in "a living nightmare."

    "That is how most people would describe it, everything stops until you find the person, life is kind of numb," he said.

    Brunswick local Dan Gregson, one of five people captured in the bridal shop footage, said he walked past the man wearing the blue hoodie about a minute before the man stopped to talk to Ms Meagher.

    "I don't remember that guy's face, you don't think to pay attention to everyone's face," Mr Gregson said. "I told the police he was just a nondescript looking guy. There was nothing strange about him or I would have noticed."

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    Default Reports of body found during Jill Meagher search

    A 41-year-old man has been charged with the rape and murder of Irish woman Jill Meagher in Australia.

    Adrian Ernest-Bayley is due before a sitting of Melbourne Magistrates Court at 9.30am local time.

    He was formally charged at the St. Kilda Road police station in the city.

    There are also as yet unconfirmed reports that the body of the 29-year-old Louth woman has now been recovered close to a highway in Gisborne.

    That is around 60 kilometres from central Melbourne.

    She disappeared as she walked home in the city last weekend.

    The 41-year-old man was arrested earlier today.

    He is understood to be the man dressed in a blue hoodie who was seen speaking to Jill on CCTV footage released earlier this week.

    She was last seen at 1.40am on Saturday morning on the footage on Sydney Road in Brunswick around 5 minutes from her home.

    Her handbag was located in a laneway off Hope Street on Monday morning.
    Reports of body found during Jill Meagher search -

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    So wait, he's being held on TWO rape/murders?
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    Very sad. Before they find the body there is always some hope,then just anger and grief.
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