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Thread: Pregnant Turkish Woman Shoots and Decapitates Rapist

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    Default Pregnant Turkish Woman Shoots and Decapitates Rapist

    Sometimes truth is stranger than fiction, and sometimes it's basically a Tarantino movie.
    A 26-year-old pregnant woman in Turkey shot and decapitated her rapist, then flung his head into the village square.
    When police arrested the woman, she said, "That is the head of one who toyed with my honor." Without expressly condoning violence in response to violence, I think we can all agree that's an objectively badass thing to say.
    For months, the woman had been abused by her rapist, who was threatening to send nude photos to her parents. Now five months pregnant, she's demanding an abortion. In Turkey, abortions are illegal after 10 weeks, but the woman has said she's willing to die as long as she can get an abortion first.
    The woman shot the man 10 times, several times in the genitals, before stabbing him and cutting off his head. She was forced into action by her rapist saying he would tell everyone about the rape, which she was worried would ruin her honor and her children's honor.
    Everyone would have insulted my children. Now no one can. I saved my honor. They will now call [my] children the kids of the women who saved her honor.
    And somewhere, glued to his computer screen, Quentin Tarantino feverishly takes notes.
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    Pregnant Turkish Woman Shoots and Decapitates Rapist: 'That Is the Head of One Who Toyed With My Honor'

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    Good riddance to bad rubbish.
    "A true whore just loves her life." - Sluce

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    Turn about is fair play. I would love to hear his last thoughts. I hope this strikes fear in every creep there who thinks women are play things.
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    There's so much backwards in that story, I can't even.
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    It's sad that committing murder is a way to save your honor in her culture. I wonder what the legal system will do with her?

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    ^ Just what I was going to say. Killing someone saves your honour... that's so fucked up. I don't agree with anything that happened in this story.

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