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Thread: Waterloo Iowa teen killed in yet another senseless gay bashing

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    Default Waterloo Iowa teen killed in yet another senseless gay bashing

    I am sure that dumb bitch Michelle Bachman is loving this since it's her hometown

    sadly this happened in the state where I live

    WATERLOO, Iowa --- A brutal fight that claimed the life of a Waterloo teen started with taunting, witnesses said.

    Police confirmed that 19-year-old Marcellus Richard Andrews was officially pronounced dead at about 3:30 p.m. Sunday. Relatives and acquaintances said he died after being removed from life support at an Iowa City hospital.

    "It's just not fair," said friend Nakita Wright. "I don't wish that to happen to my worst enemy."

    Officers and paramedics said they found Andrews unconscious with severe head injuries in the early morning hours Friday.

    Andrews, who was slated to start studying interior design at Hawkeye Community College, spent part of Thursday practicing with members of the Crusaders, a drill team sponsored by Union Missionary Baptist Church. He led the step team for the group, which was days away from competing in March Against Darkness.

    Night found him at Nakita Wright's home on Cottage Street.

    She said the problems started at about 12:45 a.m. Friday when she and Tudia Simpson, her cousin, went for a walk down the street. Andrews opted to stay behind, waiting on the enclosed porch, she said.

    The two women hadn't made it as far as Adams Street a block away when they heard yelling back at the house. They ran back and found a truck stopped in the street, and the occupants were taunting Andrews, calling him "faggot" and "Mercedes," a feminization of his first name, Simpson said.

    The arguing and name calling continued, said Simpson, who admitted throwing the first punch, striking a girl.

    "She kept saying it, and I hit her," Simpson said.

    From there, the fight was on, with Nakita Wright and the others joining in, according to their account.

    At some point during the scuffle, Nakita Wright felt her leg brush against something on the ground. She looked down and saw Andrews.

    "I tried to help him up, and then this boy ran back and kicked him in his face," Nakita Wright said.

    After the brawl ended, she tried helping Andrews to his feet. He appeared dazed. She grabbed one arm and coaxed him as she lifted. He pushed up with his other arm, but then gave up.

    Nakita Wright dialed 911

    He was flown to University of Iowa Hospitals and Clinics for treatment.

    Word of his passing came as the Crusaders Drill Team took part in the March Against Darkness competition at Central Middle School, said Alexis Wright, a cousin of Nakita who works with the Crusaders.

    In addition to being step team captain, Andrews had helped train team members, Alexis Wright said.

    "He would practice with the little ones, making sure they get it," she said.

    Andrews had been scheduled to lead the team's Saturday night performance and deliver the opening salute.

    Instead, when the event started, organizers had a moment of silence for Andrews, who at that time was understood to be on life support. Later, during an intermission, officials broke the news he wasn't going to pull through over the public address system, Alexis Wright said.

    "All the children were affected by it. When they announced, they were literally on the floor crying," she said.

    It was a tragic end to a busy weekend for the team, which started the with a parade in Parkersburg and another Saturday event before the March Against Darkness, Alexis Wright said.

    Andrews had studied at La James College and took part in Job Corps. He had bought his Hawkeye college textbooks earlier in the week.

    Authorities continue to investigate the assault. No arrests have been made in the case.
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    Default's 2011 people. I can't believe shit like this still happens. The attackers obviously knew the victim, since they were taunting him by name. Hopefully it won't be too difficult to find the fuckers.

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    God this just makes me sick.
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    Sickening. I hear ya, Seth. Sometimes I am so happy to live in Iowa, but not when I heard this story. I hope they pay, and hurt in doing so.

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    well it appears the police department in Waterloo are as backwards as Michelle Bachman

    I just don't see how this isn't considered a hate crime

    Police don’t anticipate Andrews case will be classified as hate crime

    While anti-gay slurs may have been part of a Waterloo assault that led to the beating death of a 19-year-old Waterloo man, law enforcement investigating the incident say they do not believe sexual orientation was the focus of hate and violent actions.

    “These were individuals who were known to each other, and there had been previous incidents,” Lieutenant Michael McNamee of the Waterloo Police Department told The Iowa Independent by phone early Wednesday. “It is possible that there was anti-gay shouts made at the time of the incident early Friday, but the attack did not stem from that. We don’t believe sexual orientation was a reason why Andrews was attacked or targeted — the history between the individuals involved goes back for some time.”

    As The Iowa Independent previously reported, Marcellus Andrews is believed to have been sitting on an enclosed porch in the 200 block of Cottage St. in Waterloo at roughly 12:45 a.m. on Friday. Two friends had gone walking, but report only being a block away when they heard shouting and returned to the residence where they had left Andrews

    The shouting escalated and a fight with multiple participants began. Andrews, who was reportedly kicked in the face, was transported to University of Iowa Hospitals and Clinics. He was pronounced dead on Sunday after being removed from life-support by his family on Saturday.

    According to autopsy results released by the Waterloo Police Department, Andrews died as a result of blunt force trauma to the head.

    McNamee said law enforcement is continuing to investigate the incident, and that no arrests have yet been made.
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