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Thread: Illicit Milk Kingpin Arrested on Conspiracy Charges

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    Default Illicit Milk Kingpin Arrested on Conspiracy Charges

    Federal agents are once again busy cleaning up the streets of Venice, California. No, they're not taking out sophisticated cocaine smuggling operations or prostitution rings. They're dismantling an underground syndicate of raw milk pushers and connoisseurs that operate under a front called Rawesome Foods.

    In a daring raid last summer, federal agents swooped down on the Rawesome Foods storefront and confiscated illegal stockpiles of raw honey, milk and cane syrup. In a follow up raid yesterday, Rawesome Foods owner James Cecil Stewart was arrested and charged with conspiracy to commit a crime, and is being held on $123,000 bail. Two other employees were also arrested.

    In the raid last year, one Rawesome Foods volunteer, clearly flabbergasted, told the Los Angeles Times, "I still can't believe they took our yogurt." But this time they not only took the yogurt, they took Mr. Stewart, Sharon Palmer, and Eugenie Bloch.

    Let this serve as a warning to unpasteurized milk cartels everywhere — the feds will find you, and you will pay.

    Illicit Milk Kingpin Arrested on Conspiracy Charges
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    So fucking stupid.
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    I can't believe this isn't from The Onion.
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    I have a good friend here who was forced by the FDA to pour out all his raw milk. He couldn't even donate it to be fed to animals (which is legal pretty much anywhere) They made him and his employees POUR IT OUT. Gallons of it on the ground.

    Its actually detailed in a movie coming out.

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    ridiculous. On every level!

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    So glad this is how federal tax dollars are spent. Tards.

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    this reminds me of a local report I read about the organic stores. They are visited by USDA officials weekly, surprise inspections of their organic produce sections, while the big name stores might get a visit once a year (even their organic sections.)

    It's the larger milk producers, with their hormonally treated animals and huge pasteurizing operations who never get this kind of inspection.
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    this really infuriates me. with my corn allergy, almost all fortified milk is intolerable. So if there is added vitamins A , I can't drink it. Try to find milk without vitamin A Palmitate and you will come up empty-handed again and again and again.

    I've been very lucky in that there is one brand on the shelves that don't use corn derivitives in their vitamin A Palmitate ... but when that one makes the switch for financial reasons (which it will eventually) there will be NO milk I can drink.

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