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Thread: Guy Kills Priest, Takes Family to Disney World in Victimís Car

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    Default Guy Kills Priest, Takes Family to Disney World in Victimís Car


    Guy Kills Priest, Takes Family to Disney World in Victim’s Car

    What would you do after murdering a priest? Would you... take your ex-wife, your stepson, and your daughter to Disney World in the guy's car? Because that's what Jeremy Wayne Manieri allegedly did!

    Manieri, who worked as a handyman at a Louisiana retreat home for priests, is accused of shooting Rev. Edward Everitt, a Dominican priest, and then robbing him and stealing his car. And then:
    He coolly picked up his ex-wife, his 10-year-old stepson and 5-year-old daughter and drove to a Mobile, Ala., motel.

    They left Monday for Florida, checking into a Days Inn that night and buying [three-day] passes for Disney World. A caretaker found Everitt's body the same day.
    According to the Daily News, "Manieri was up before sunrise to beat the crowds," which shows good vacation-planning strategy.

    Unfortunately for him, though, his crime-planning strategy is somewhat lacking: Cops tracked the car through its anti-theft device and found the gun used to murder the Everitt inside.

    Guy Kills Priest, Takes Family to Disney World in Victim's Car
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    Okay, so he shot a priest and he works at the place where the priest lived? Well, nobody would guess that.
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