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Thread: Police: Baby died from morphine in breast milk

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    Default Police: Baby died from morphine in breast milk

    Police: Baby died from morphine in breast milk

    Authorities in South Carolina say an infant girl died from a lethal dose of morphine that was in her mother's breast milk.

    The mother, 37-year-old Stephanie Greene, was charged Friday with homicide by child abuse.

    Investigators say Greene's 6-week-old daughter, Alexis, was found dead in her parents' bed in their Campobello home in November 2010.

    Autopsy results showed high levels of morphine in the child's blood.

    Authorities say the painkiller got into Greene's breast milk after she took pills and used patches containing morphine constantly since the baby's birth.

    Investigators say she illegally obtained the drugs at least 38 times in less than two years.

    Greene was awaiting a bond hearing. Her husband refused to speak with an Associated Press reporter or give her attorney's name when reached by phone.

    Police: Baby died from morphine in breast milk - | Charleston, SC | News, Weather, Sports

    ETA: who was our fav morphine addict know-it-all? golddust? she was preg, right?
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    How fucking stupid do you have to be to pull this?
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    God, I agonize over one migraine pill because I'm terrified of harming my baby. Funny, she nurses her baby but pounds morphine. Wouldn't it just have been easier to give the baby a bottle?

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    seriously, has this bitch never heard of pump and dump? or, even better, baby formula?
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    This amazes me. How MUCH morphine was she taking, ffs?? I was on a morphine drip for the first 24 hours after my c-section and my perinatologist, OB/GYN and pediatrician were all okay with me still breastfeeding because so little of it was in breast milk. They said it was routine with c-section babies. She must have taken a SHITLOAD of morphine for it to deliver a lethal dose to her baby.

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    Maybe she didn't take it? Thus the charges.
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