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Thread: Florida shootings: Murdered tourists 'were looking for food'

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    Default Florida shootings: Murdered tourists 'were looking for food'

    I'm surprised this hasn't been posted, it's been all over British media for the last week (as expected, obviously). It has really touched me and I find it both compelling to keep updated but also exceptionally emotional.

    Murdered British tourists James Cooper and James Kouzaris may have been looking for something to eat when they were shot and killed in Florida, police have said.

    James Kouzaris, left, and James Cooper

    Detectives now believe the pair may have been looking for food after their night out when they accidentally wandered into the notorious Newtown area of Sarasota.
    Police Captain Paul Sutton said the two men may have walked to the area under the influence of alcohol, saying: 'These fit men would not have worried about walking.'
    Sutton added that detectives were still 'examining all theories' and said: 'Anthing you could imagine is a possibility.'
    Meanwhile the parents of James Cooper have described their son as a ‘gentle and compassionate man whose humour filled every space.’
    Speaking for the first time since his death, Stanley and Sandra Cooper said yesterday that their lives had been shattered.
    ‘Heaven has another angel but this world is a colder and poorer place without you in it,’ they added.
    Mr Cooper and his friend James Kouzaris were staying with Mr and Mrs Cooper in Longboat Keys – an upmarket area of Sarasota, Florida.
    The young friends were shot dead early on Saturday in a crime-hit area described by police as a ‘no-go’ zone for tourists.
    Mr Cooper’s parents from Hampton Lucy, Warwickshire, released a statement through police which said: ‘Through us and his friends and family he will live on.’
    They added: ‘He was gentle, kind, compassionate, clever and an athlete; but beyond all his achievements, he was full of love.’
    The couple also spoke of their pride in their only son, who worked as a tennis coach in Warwickshire and once played Andy Murray in a junior tournament.
    The statement came after detectives in Florida released video footage of Mr Cooper, 25, and 24-year-old Mr Kouzaris from Northampton, in a bar hours before they died.
    The 11 CCTV stills, taken at Smokin’ Joes bar and covering from 12.13am to 1.23am, show the Sheffield University friends talking to two women for at least 37 minutes.
    Police stressed the female revellers were not suspects but they wanted to contact them to ‘learn more details about the victims’ activities’. Detectives are also following up leads from photographs from one of the deceased’s cameras showing the pair.
    Shawn Tyson, 16, is being held on suspicion of double murder.

    Florida shootings: Murdered tourists James Cooper and James Kouzaris 'looking for food' |
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    Brits are used to walking places a lot.

    That was one of the things I couldn't get my head around when I travelled the East coast a few years ago. Americans don't walk anywhere.

    I found Orlando (know its not Sarasota) the most scary-ass place I've ever been, kids coming upto me asking if I wanted a ride - spitting when I said no, policemen at the bus station, etc.

    The Police chief said in other reports he didn't even think they would be walking for leisure.

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    you already know.


    wow ^

    well Marilyn Manson came from Florida so there ya go

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    I'm glad this was cleared out because in news reports I was reading the poor guys were accused of going to that area for drugs. I just don't get why the thugs had to kill them. Why not just rob them, they were probably too drunk to put up much of a fight. Such a stupid waste.

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