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Thread: Hong Kong model settles Nevada Burning Man case

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    Default Hong Kong model settles Nevada Burning Man case

    AP NewsBreak: Hong Kong model settles Nev. case - SFGate

    FILE - In this undated booking photo provided by the Washoe County Sheriff, Hong Kong model Rosemary Vandenbroucke, 28, is seen. Vandenbroucke, who was arrested twice during a wild weekend at Burning Man that ended with a crash into Reno's famous arch, has reached a plea deal that clears the final charge against her and will keep her out of jail, her lawyer told The Associated Press on Wednesday, March 23, 2011.

    A Hong Kong fashion model who was arrested twice during a trip to the counterculture Burning Man festival in rural Nevada last year has pleaded guilty to a reduced charge to settle the second case, and she won't serve any jail time.

    Rosemary Vandenbroucke, 28, agreed to plead guilty to a misdemeanor charge of obstructing or delaying a police officer and pay a $1,000 fine, Reno attorney Tammy Riggs told The Associated Press on Wednesday. She also paid $137 in court costs.

    Vandenbroucke, a model and singer most popular in Asia and Europe, originally faced a felony drug charge. She didn't appear in Lovelock Justice Court while Riggs pleaded guilty on her behalf Tuesday.

    Riggs termed the case closed.

    "She's happy to have the events of the last year behind her and looks forward to getting on with her life," Riggs said.

    Pershing County Deputy District Attorney Bryce Shields was out of the office Wednesday and unavailable for comment. He had said earlier he didn't think the original felony charge was warranted. It carried the possibility of up to six months in prison.

    Vandenbroucke also pleaded no contest to careless driving in Reno and paid more than $1,400 fines in January in a case stemming from the crash of a rented motorhome into the city's famous "Biggest Little City in the World" arch on Labor Day.

    The crash happened a day after she was arrested on the felony drug charge at the Burning Man festival.

    The annual event attracts 50,000 people for partying, camping and displays of costumed craziness, culminating with the burning of a towering effigy of "The Man" on an otherwise wind-whipped and empty playa in the Black Rock Desert about 100 miles north of Reno.

    Riggs told the AP that Vandenbroucke was relieved to resolve the two cases and would likely not return to Burning Man this September.

    Vandenbroucke originally was charged with furnishing a controlled substance, a felony, after a sheriff's deputy said he saw her offer the club drug Ecstasy to someone at the festival.

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    This story has taught me a lot about the value of carefully applied concealer.

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    That bitch is busted.
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    you already know.



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