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Thread: America's Worst Drug Dealers Swap Fake Cocaine for Fake Money

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    Default America's Worst Drug Dealers Swap Fake Cocaine for Fake Money

    Two Brooklyn and Long Island drug crews probably thought they had one-upped each other in a deal last month when the Brooklyn guys sold the Long Island guys crushed-up sheetrock as cocaine for $16,000 in counterfeit bills. What dumbasses.

    The Long Island crew who Suffolk County District Attorney Thomas Spota alleges are "Bloods" was busted up last month in a sting operation that culminated with the arrest of "Uncle Kyle" and "Tech B" with bags full of sheetrock and baking soda that the pair thought was cocaine. According to the Riverhead News-Review, they had just bought it in Brooklyn with $16,000 in counterfeit $20s and $100s. In total, 23 men were arrested in connection with the alleged Bloods drug ring and one of them, Mack "Kobe" Butler, is in especially deep shit:
    During a raid of Mr. Butler's Patchogue home last month, police found a counterfeit bill printer in a living room closet and a check list items needed to impersonate a police officer, including handcuffs and a Chevy Impala car.

    Clothing was crossed off the list, most likely because police vests and hats were found in the home, Mr. Spota explained.
    The sting also netted a bunch of weapons, real cocaine, and real cash. Speaking to reporters yesterday, Spota said, "Gangs have made life miserable for the law abiding citizens of the communities they are ravaging." No kidding! Especially these guys. Circulating that much fake cocaine is bad karma. Then again, no "law abiding citizens" are trying to buy cocaine anyway. Right?

    So who wins this one? Between the Brooklyn crew who sold the sheetrock and the Long Island "Bloods" who bought it with fake money, I'd have to say the Brooklyn guys sort of win, because who the hell buys $16,000 worth of coke and doesn't at least check it out first? Either way, we all only druggies and dealers lose.

    America's Worst Drug Dealers Swap Fake Cocaine for Fake Money

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    WTF! What would happen if you snorted sheetrock?
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