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Thread: Conn. man faces murder charges, stabbing partiers who complained about his flatulence

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    Default Conn. man faces murder charges, stabbing partiers who complained about his flatulence

    Conn. man facing murder charges after stabbing partygoers who complained about his flatulence

    A Connecticut man is facing murder charges after he knifed four people at a party for making fun of his flatulence.

    Marc Higgins, a 21-year-old Bristol native, stabbed a group of his fellow partygoers on Saturday, killing one, after becoming angry and belligerent when they mocked him for being gassy.

    According to court documents obtained by the Hartford Courant, Higgins left the party following a confrontation with attendee Stacy Buccheri, who ridiculed him for his obnoxious odors and even slapped him.

    An enraged and "very drunk" Higgins stormed out of the first-floor apartment, only to return approximately 45 minutes later with three knives. At that point, police said Higgins began stabbing partygoers indiscriminately on the apartment’s porch.

    Matthew Walton, 21, was the lone fatality of the attack, and died later that night at Bristol Hospital. Police arrived to find the Bristol resident unresponsive and Higgins nowhere to be found.

    The other three victims - Sandra Ranger, 18, David Klett, 19, and Tyler Basso, 18 - were all treated at the Bristol Hospital with non-life threatening injuries and released.

    "I didn't know what happened," Klett told the Bristol Press. "Then I saw the blood. I jumped off the porch and ran to the hospital. It was scary… I was just in the wrong place in the wrong time."

    Higgins later turned himself in and confessed to the crime, according to the Courant.

    He said he was "angry at being derided and wanted to teach people that they shouldn’t trifle with him," the paper reported, though he told police he considered Walton a friend and did not target anyone specifically.

    Higgins was officially charged with murder, first-degree assault, two counts of second degree assault, and four counts of carrying a dangerous weapon, the Press reported. He was held on $2 million bail in Bristol before his case was transferred to Superior Court in New Britain, Conn.

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    WOW all that over a fart?
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    he didn't knife the one who ridiculed him and slapped him? revenge FAIL.

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    Holy shit. He killed someone over a fart?

    I hope his new cellmate isn't too fussy about farting.

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    Killings aside, his motive is one of the funniest I've ever heard. We always get the dumbest crimes in CT, like the guy who stabbed a man because he was taking too long ordering his Dunkin Donuts.

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    This party must have been a gas...
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