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Thread: Muck lover jailed for sex act

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    Default Muck lover jailed for sex act

    A man has been jailed for performing a sex act on himself in a muck spreader.

    David Truscott, 40, broke into a farm and covered himself in animal waste before climbing into the vehicle.
    He was found wearing rubber gloves and playing in the manure for "sexual reasons", Truro Magistrates' Court heard.
    The court was told he had been convicted of a previous offence at the same farm in Camborne, Cornwall, in 2004.
    During the first incident, the farmer found a water trough filled with manure and tissues scattered around.
    He then saw the shape of what appeared to be someone's bottom and two hand prints where manure had been piled up.
    Police who searched his home in 2004 found 360 pairs of women's knickers and containers of liquid sludge and hard mud.
    Truscott, of Camborne, Cornwall, was given a 16-week prison sentence after pleading guilty to harassment between December 2005 and August this year.

    Muck lover jailed for sex act - Telegraph

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    Ah Cornwall, my home county. There's some crazy farmers in them thar hills.
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    nice hair too.
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    Slurry pervert back in court after returning to farm to sexually gratify himself

    Truro Crown Court

    ​A man convicted of sexually gratifying himself in manure has been caught doing it again – by a child.

    David Truscott, 41, of Pengegon Parc, Camborne, was discovered on Saturday by the youngster at Woodbury House Farm, Redruth.

    When police officers arrived soon after, they found Truscott naked and covered in a large amount of slurry and mud, in a quagmire, surrounded by tissues.

    Earlier this week magistrates in Truro referred Truscott’s case to the city’s Crown Court for sentencing after he pleaded guilty to breaching a restraining order and to causing harassment to Clive Roth, who lives on the farm.

    Jill Wilson, prosecuting, said the restraining order had been made in 2009 prohibiting Truscott from entering the farm for any reason.

    She said: “There is a history of his visiting this particular farm seeking sexual gratification while immersed in cow dung and mud.

    “This is the only place he seeks to gratify himself in this particular manner. It goes back seven years.”

    She added the Roth family had to regularly check their livestock, outbuildings and equipment. Truscott had committed a sex act in a muck spreader and set fire to outbuildings, killing livestock, in frustration when they cleaned out their farm equipment to prevent his activity.

    On Saturday, a son of the family had become aware a man had been seen climbing over a gate to the property.

    The child came across Truscott naked in a field among cow dung and mud.

    Truscott was jailed for 20 weeks in November 2009 for breaching the restraining order. It had only been imposed in September of that year.

    He was remanded in custody and the case was sent to Crown Court for March 23.
    A man convicted of sexually gratifying himself in manure has been caught doing it again – by a child.
    As Canadian as possible under the circumstances


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    Oh. Damn.
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    Beefsteak Charlie is a deviant?

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    This weirdo needs to get his own cow and just stay home.

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    I feel like I have been missing something all these years.

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    I'm sure there's a rehab for this somewhere.
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    Ugh that's a new one. :/

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    Quote Originally Posted by Lobelia View Post
    I'm sure there's a rehab for this somewhere.
    He'll explode with pleasure if it is in a sewer

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