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Thread: Rant! Mobile Phone Companies!!!

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    Default Re: Rant! Mobile Phone Companies!!!

    Haggard, did you know that all those Verizon stores are actually franchised out to individuals? If you could find out who owns the store you went to you might actually stand a shot at filing an effective complaint. Verizon takes complaints against their franchises very seriously.

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    Default Re: Rant! Mobile Phone Companies!!!

    Had a berserker temper tantrum at cell phone carrier. The lcd screen for my phone is broken. Just bought the phone 6 months ago and had the hands free mount installed in my car. My phone is now obsolete.

    They can not fix my phone under warranty. Actually, they will give me a new phone to cover the warranty. This replacement is not compatible with my car kit. So what is the point of the warranty?

    My account is a commercial account. The rep "understands" my frustration but can not find the same phone anywhere in their system. Have been watching auctions on ebay to replace broken phone. Total bullshit.

    I don't want a razr or a pda. Just want a phone that works in my car and internationally.
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    Default Re: Rant! Mobile Phone Companies!!!


    AO - The Privacy Act stuff is true. Its a major hassle but its true.

    Pin codes on handsets are pretty useless so I dont bother. heres a few reasons:

    1. Software to hack the phone is freely available allowing for the phone to be reset anyway.

    2. Networks now have th ability to either block or track the IMEI ( unique electronically broadcast ID of the handset ) to either recover the phone or render it useless.

    3. PIN's just prevent someone from making a call as long as they power cycle the phone. Battery lif is so good now they could make 4 hours of calls before that happens - in that 4 hours they can find a charger.

    Anyway on to other things......

    Car Kits. Always get Bluetooth car-kits. No need to constantly change kit with each phone.

    Handset wise. Most 3G handsets now are quad band for international use.

    So just go for 3G with Bluetooth.
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