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Thread: Point and shoot cameras are fading

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    Quote Originally Posted by twitchy2.0 View Post
    The other thing that's dying out because of cel phones are watches. When was the last time you saw a person under 40 wearing a watch?

    I was just thinking the same thing the other day. I still have two dressy watches, but I've been meaning to replace my dead every day watch for 2-3 years now and just realized I really don't need one, I use my phone or iPod or car, etc.
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    Im not quite sure theyll fully replace cameras. I admit that its a huge hassle to switch between cell phone and camera, especially during family gatherings. Together they take up entirely too much space in ones pocket and its a pain switching. But the thing is that the phone doesnt take the best of pics. Maybe its because I have an Android phone but say you go out on a sunny day, you can take pics that rival Kittyladys. Excellent pics there BTW. But when it comes to someplace dark, like your own house but the corner where the light doesnt reach so well, even the flash cant fix that problem. If the subject happens to be moving, that photo is more than likely going to end up horrible. On a camera it may come out bad or you could get a nice blur effect, that wont happen on a phone. And dont even think about the video. Oh it works perfectly, even catches the subject moving, but once you move while youre filming it messes up and there is no going back. The whole thing is messed up from then on out, unless you stop it and start a new one. I prefer my camera, where I can move all I want, take all the pics I want and film all the video I want. I dont see phones getting that good anytime soon nor do I see them coming anywhere near the $1,000 cameras with the fancy lens that people use for artistic photos.

    Quote Originally Posted by Grimmlok View Post
    Watches are kind of sliding into being fashion timepieces. I see a lot of people with really interesting watches.

    Fob watches are also making a sort of comeback.
    I agree, theyre completely for style these days. But what is a Fob watch?

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    Pocket watch
    As Canadian as possible under the circumstances


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    Quote Originally Posted by darksithbunny View Post
    Beautiful shots, Kitty. Just lovely. Where was this? I so want to go there.
    They were taken at a park in home town in Merseyside. And no, you really don't want to go there. Honestly. The snow was just natural airbrushing and the reality is quite different.

    As for Grimm's pictures, they are just awesome and I think you have missed your calling as a professional photographer. I know some photography students and the stuff they are submitting for exhibitions/coursework is nowhere near as good as what you have taken with your phone.

    ETA: Just had a look what my phone is - its an Ericsson K310i and is about four or five years old so its like a great, great, great grandaddy as far as phones go these days, but it still works fine and does what I need it to so I don't see the point of spending money I don't have to upgrade it.
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    No way a phone camera will ever replace my camera. My phone takes shitty pictures.

    Plus, I have kids in fast moving sports, and I haven't seen a phone camera that can catch what I need. Close-ups, action, indoor/vrs outdoor. I can also take anywhere from 50-150 shots at each event, so no way a phone could do what I need.

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